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September 14, 2018  


We’re joined by the great TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service and DONNA GILMORE of San Onofre Safety to sort through the latest insanities of atomic power and the immense 
quantities of radioactive waste that threaten us all.

Tim tells us of the danger of numerous reactors in the path of Hurricane Florence.  With potential for flooding, loss of off-site power and too much more, this is a tense moment for all of humankind
as we face the realities of flimsy, flawed reactors and spent fuel pools that may not withstand massive influxes of seawater, as at Fukushima.

Likewise the immense casks of radioactive waste that are being flung about all over the world.  In a recent terrifying incident, a 50-ton dry cask was left hanging over a 20-foot hole at San Onofre in 
conditions of extreme incompetence and danger.  The public only heard of it because of the bravery of a wistle-blower whose job and life are now themselves in danger.

We also visit the terrible peril of the embrittled core at Diablo Canyon Unit One.  In February, 2019, the reactor will shut for refueling.  It is embedded with a “coupon” that would allow a test
to see how embrittled the core might be.  PG&E of course doesn’t really want to know.  What can we do to force a public test?

Join us to find out!!!

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