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September 18, 2017  

NUKE POWER & NATURAL DISASTERS have become intensely important in the wake of HURRICANES HARVEY & IRMA.

We are joined by radio commentator LIBBE HALEVY and long-time activist/experts PAUL GUNTER & KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear.

The terrifying realities of the hurricanes the swept through Texas and Florida have made it clear there is no way to evacuate from massive radiation releases during a melt-down in the midst of a major storm.

We faced this problem during Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990s and were in grave danger again during these last two giant hurricanes.

And that’s just the least of it…between earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, tornados and more, our rickety, dying reactors are at greater risk than ever.

If you are at all concerned with the fate of the Earth, don’t miss this extremely crucial, uniquely-informed discussion with three truly extraordinary experts.

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