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August 26, 2021  
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As Trump Republicans assault the right to vote with more than 400 bills pushed into state legislatures, we track the possibilities of the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT and the JOHN LEWIS ACT.
The twin attempts to use federal legal powers to protect our citizens’ ability to exercise the franchise face serious obstacles.  JOEL SEGAL and other powerful experts give us the news on what’s happening.
We also discuss next week’s NATIONAL JUSTICE ROUNDTABLE to take place at 1-5pm eastern time, Monday, August 30, will cover the issues of DC Statehood, Election Protection, Saving the Earth & Social Justice/Ending Poverty & Homelessness.
This huge gathering of progressive forces can be accessed this coming Monday via  Don’t miss it!!
We also get an update on the by-laws election at the Pacifica Radio Network, with reports from New York, California, Texas, Georgia and more.
This is the Grassroots Election Protection Emergency Coalition Zoom #62.  We are glad to have you aboard
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