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July 27, 2018  

HUGE NUKE BAILOUTS IN NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY are with us today in Solartopia.

We’re joined by legendary expert/activists SUSAN SHAPIRO, JOE MANGANO & KARL GROSSMAN to dissect the $7.6 billion handout NY’s “Democratic” Gov. Andrew Cuomo has earmarked to keep four dying upstate nuke reactors operating upstate.  We also look at the additional $400 million New Jersey wants to squander on collapsing nukes now poisoning the Garden State.
These insane rip-offs will gut the NY-NJ economies and put the entire region at huge risk from more Three Mile Island-Chernobyl-Fukushima disasters.
They will also worsen global warming by slowing the progress of renewable energy, which would otherwise preserve the climate, create thousands of jobs and save ratepayers billions of dollars.
Susan, Joe and Karl are all major leaders in the movement to halt this madness.  Don’t miss their brilliance.
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