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July 14, 2017  
STOPPING NUKE SUBSIDIES & GOING MICRO-GRID IN OHIO & EVERYWHERE is our Solartopian talk today as we're joined by NED FORD and PAT MARIDA of the Ohio Sierra Club, and energy expert MARK SOMMER, a former Ohioan now based in California.
Because Ohio is a bellwether, the attempt by FirstEnergy and other fossil/nuke dinosaurs to gouge massive public subsidies could decide much of America's energy policy.  Massive nuke handouts are scheduled in New York and Illinois, but are being resisted in Ohio, which could turn the tide.
Ohio also has spectacular wind resources which are begin quashed by the utility-owned legislature, but which could create thousands of jobs and billions of cheap kilowatts that could clean the rust off Ohio's industrial belt.
And as we learn from Mark Sommer, the advent of micro-grids could turn the Buckeye State into a cyber-secure bastion of energy independence.  
Don't miss this blueprint of how Ohio could be again the Heart of it All:  this time in Solartopia.  
For a good time, see Pete Seeger, Dar Williams, David Bernz & the Rivertown Kidz  sing "SOLARTOPIA!" at
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