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May 6, 2021  
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We dive deep into the hard realities of DC statehood with attorney CHARLES MORELAND and DC Senator MIKE BROWN.  Why joining Maryland won’t work.  Why mass civil disobedience may be on its way.
We then travel through the horrors of gerrymandered North Carolina with former two-term MAYOR JENNIFER ROBERTS, current STATE REP. JOHN AUBREY and former Deputy Secretary of State ROBERT WILSON.  Gerrymandering has utterly destroyed any semblance of democracy in NC and around the US, and here we get the basics on how and why.
Finally, we find ourselves in Phoenix with JOHN BRAKEY and RAY LUTZ dealing with the bitterly contested recount of the presidential ballots from the 2020 vote in Arizona.  Election protection experts around the US are discounting this as an exercise in Trump madness and futility.  But Brakey & Lutz have found in it a niche for setting the ground rules on real recounts.  Our contentious but enlightening discussion with ART LEVINE and others sets the tone for a national dialogue on this “show trial” for democracy.
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