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April 7, 2017  
THE DEMISE OF US ATOMIC POWER comes to Solartopia.
We talk with PAT MARIDA of Ohio Sierra's nuclear committee, LINDA PENCE GUNTER of Beyond Nuclear, and TOM CLEMENTS, the great southeastern stalwart of the movement to bury nuclear energy.
We begin with the proposed bailout of Ohio's failing nukes.  We talk of the bankruptcy of the once-mighty WESTINGHOUSE.  We assess the failures of reqctor construction throughout the world, as well as the impossibility of radioactive waste management and the oxymoron of reactor safety.
We finish with consensus on the coming of renewable energy.
But in the meantime, these three great expert/activists give us a unique and powerful critique of exactly what has happened to this most expensive and dangerous of all technologic, now hopefully about to be buried.  
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