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March 11, 2021  
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The national uproar over voting rights and American democracy has escalated to a fever pitch. Throughout the nation, right wing Trump Cultists are working state by state to prevent citizens of youth and color from voting.  
Federally, the Omnibus Voting Rights bill HR-1 is now S-1, having passed the House.  We’re joined by PROFESSOR GLORIA TINUBA for a broad overview of what’s happening with these two critical bills and how income inequities in America are at the root of so many of our problems.
We’re also joined by CHARLES MOORLAND & EUGENE KINLOW of the DC Statehood movement.  As key activists at the core of the struggle, they explain how “No Taxation Without Representation” is the critical key to getting full rights for some 800,000 American citizens who are essentially being held in colonial status.
With JOEL SEGAL, LULU FRIESDAT, EMILY LEVY, HOWIE HAWKINS, DR. LORA CHAMBERLAIN and other great activists, we cover the ground in this critical times.  Join Us!
And please note that this discussion went on for a long time beyond our allotted hour.  If you’ve tuned in and want to stay with us after 5pm eastern, go to to get the link for the rest of the recorded session.
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