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February 23, 2018  

The travesty in PUERTO RICO and IMMIGRATION are where we’re at in Solartopia today, as we talk with long-time activist JOEL SEGAL along with immigration attorney JOSUNE AGUIRRE and singer-activist DON ARBOR.

Joel confirms that the death and devastation are continuing in Puerto Rico while Team Trump ignores the humanitarian crisis and uses crisis capitalism to plunder the island.  Suicides are on the rise and substantial portions of the island are still without power, food and water.  
Atop the hour we play Don’s anthem EVERYBODY COMES FROM SOMEWHERE to commemorate the obscene idiocy of the Trump attack on the non-crisis of immigration.  And Josune fills us in on the fight over ICE and its attacks on sanctuary cities like Santa Monica and Berkeley.  We also visit the hypocrisy of Trump’s wife’s parents getting green cards, despite being “bad hombres."
Its a tough but necessary hour.  
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