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February 22, 2019  


Our nation is drowning in horribly destructive debt from medical treatments, ruining lives and forcing our citizenry to choose between bankruptcy and dying for lack of health care.

Author JERRY ASHTON and publisher JUDAH FREED come to Solartopia to tell us about their amazing book END MEDICAL DEBT, which explains in riveting detail how our broken health care system is destroying the fabric of our society with over $1.5 trillion in accumulated unpaid bills.

They also lay out the realities of their amazing charity RIP Medical Debt which takes donations and turns them into liberation from the crushing horrors of massive financial liability stemming from simply trying to stay alive.

This is an incredibly powerful and important aspect to modern life….and the one you save, could be your own. If you ever have to see a doctor, go to the hospital or buy a pharmaceutical, don’t miss this show.

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