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February 19, 2015  

The great DR. HELEN CALDICOTT comes to us live from Australia with news of her upcoming NUCLEAR FREE PLANET SYMPOSIUM ( scheduled for February 28/March 1 in New York City.  

Helen's astonishing global network has attracted some of the world's great thinkers on nuclear issues including NOAM CHOMSKY, BOB ALVAREZ, BRUCE GAGNON and many others to a summit discussion of how our species might survive in a nuke-saturated situation.

Helen begins with a disturbing discussion of actions in Ukraine and the threat to the 15 atomic reactors still operating there.  She warns that the death toll from Chernobyl has climbed over a million and that the western campaign to "back Putin into a corner" is fraught with danger.

She also recalls seeing the film classic ON THE BEACH as a teenager and the impact it had, leading her to show it again at the upcoming symposium.  

Dr. Caldicott always brings the very best in medical and ecological wisdom. Don't miss her latest visit to Solartopia.  

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