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February 4, 2021  
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To being Election Protection Zoom #38, we celebrate a big victory over bad voting machines in NY. 

Legendary activists LULU FRIESDAT and JULIE WIENER join Green Party presidential candidate HOWIE HAWKINS to explain how a grassroots citizens movement stopped certification of terrible electronic voting machines in NY.

The roots of this victory go deep and its implications for the future are entirely positive.

We then join RAY MCCLENDON and JOEL SEGAL to discuss the national ELECTION PROTECTION SUMMIT coming February 25. 

Among featured speakers will be CHRISTIAN NUNES of the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN, ANDREA MILLER of People Demanding Action and many more.

STEVE ROSENFELD dissects the immensely complicated HR1, a voting rights compendium with much good and also much bad for the future of democracy.

HEDY TRIPP introduces us to a new women’s rights organization.

DR. LORA CHAMBERLAIN challenges Vote by Mail.

And much more.  If you’re still on the case for election protection, please join us, as always!!

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