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January 28, 2021  
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We plunge into the post-Trump era with a fight in New York over worthless, useless Ballot Marking Devices that must be stopped.  LULU FRIESDAT and HOWIE HAWKINS tell us how.
We then visit with DANIEL BLACKMAN whose race for the Public Service Commission of Georgia may have been derailed by his name not appearing on the ballot in at least 19 counties.  We’re looking into it.
RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP is then joined by grassroots organizer CAROLINA MIRANDA to go deep on the GEORGIA MIRACLE and how grassroots organizing made all the difference in turning the US Senate and making Georgia a blue state.
STEVE ROSENFELD of VotingBooth then fills us in on the nation-scale battles over voting rights and the future of American democracy.  
Among other things he warns that the infamous KARL ROVE has published an op ed calling for funds to turn back all the democratic reforms that led to the repudiation of Donald Trump and all he perpetrated on America and the world.
This wonderful 90 minute section is filled with optimism, hope and genuine expertise.  if you get to the end of the hour & want to hear more, go to and get the link, or just write me at
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