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January 28, 2019  


Sally Hemings was the legendary African-American co-parent with our third president, Thomas Jefferson.  

His life partner for nearly forty years, she bore him as many as eight children, at least four of whom lived to full adulthood.

The White House official record lists Jefferson’s first (white) wife, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, as his First Lady.  But she died some twenty years before he entered the White House.

Instead, Martha’s half-sister, Sally Hemings, occupied the room next to Tom's study at Monticello, and bore him three children while he was president, all of whom lived to bear families and lead powerful, productive lives.  In their wake have come scores of descendants scattered throughout the United States.  

We are joined to talk about this with Tom & Sally’s brilliant descendent, EVELIA JONES, and by critic ED RAMPELL and political scientist BOB FITRAKIS.

Should Sally at last be recognized as a true First Lady?  Should there be statues raised to her—including one at the Jefferson Memorial in DC?  What is her rightful place at Monticello….and in our hearts?

Don’t miss this amazing discussion with a true descendent of one of America’s most important people.

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