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January 20, 2015  

SHUTTING DIABLO CANYON will be the focus of a major conference in San Luis Obispo this coming weekend.  We're joined by LINDA SEELEY, JIM HEDDLE & MARY BETH BRANGAN who are at its core to talk about how we finally close two reactors that could irradiate the entire nation.

The conference details are posted at  

We discuss in this radio session the key issues of earthquake vulnerability, economic obsolescence, the need for cooling towers and much much more, leading up to what we hope will be a successful grass roots campaign that will rid our Earth once and for all of these dangerous and deteriorating reactors.

Join us on the radio to get briefed, and then in the campaign in California or wherever else your nearest nuke might be.  The clock is ticking on all these reactors and the time to shut them is now.

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