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January 19, 2018  

MAKING SENSE OF THE SIXTIES in Solartopia.  We talk with 1960s activists FRANCESCO DA VINCI and STEVE SPITZ about the great radical movements of the Vietnam Era 1965-75 and how they changed our world.

Francesco is a world-famous photographer whose photos feature some of our greatest celebrities, including Muhammed Ali, Richard Dreyfuss and many others.  Francesco is currently producing a memoir about his life as a Conscientious Objector, for which he faced a five-year prison sentence.

Steve was active in anti-war politics at the University of Michigan and was present (along with host Sluggo Wasserman) at the famous 1965 Vietnam Teach-In at Haven Hall in Ann Arbor.  Steve marched at the Pentagon in 1967 and the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968.

Together we explore the importance of the marches for peace, civil rights and social justice, and their immense impact on how we live today.  If you’re at all interested in the roots of American radicalism, don’t miss this show.   

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