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January 8, 2021  
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In this LIVE podcast we celebrate an EARTH-CHANGING double-victory in Georgia, made possible by amazingly powerful on-the-ground grassroots organizing.

RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP explains how “ground game” campaigning brought a huge turnout to Georgia’s two pivotal US Senate races, making Kamela Harris the new Majority Leader and moving the Congress forever left.

With CHRISTIAN NUNES of the National Organization for Women, we explore the nuts and bolts of how grassroots organizers turned Georgia politics forever upside down.

Speaking of which….we then delve into the astonishing attempted coup d’etat by Donald Trump and his fascist MAGAs.  In a “Day that Will Live in Infamy,” January 6 has forever changed American politics.

For a full 40 minutes we segue into as deep a discussion of this assault on democracy as you’ll ever hear.

 For that segment, after our hour with Green Power & Wellness, find the link in the zoom archive of

US democracy was challenged on that way, and has clearly survived.  Listen in for an amazing discussion of exactly how….

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