Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

July 17, 2012  

PAGANISM, WIZARDRY, POLYAMORY AND THE GENIUS OF THE NEW AGE come to the Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show as Oberon Zell and Jeff Rosenbaum join HarveyW for an enlightening hour of prophecy and magic.

Does the coming end of the Mayan Calendar mean the apocalypse? or just the need to get a new calendar?

Oberon Zell is a leading voice in the realm of spirit: an author, speaker and leader for decades of the emerging "Neo-Pagan" community, a phrase he coined. Jeff Rosenbaum is a founder of Starwood Festival, whose 32d annual gathering just brought scores of leading mystical thinkers from all over the world to a reclaimed strip mine in southeastern Ohio for an unparalleled week of revelry, insight and joy.

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