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June 10, 2014  

The Certain Death Toll Among Children at Fukushima is mounting steadily despite the best efforts of the nuclear industry and the United Nations to deny any of it.  We talk with Joseph Mangano of the Radiation and Public Health Project about the horrific epidemic of childhood thyroid cancer among kids living in the area around Fukushima.   

So far the rate of thyroid cancer there is FORTY TIMES (40X) what would normally be expected. They are also experiencing an accelerating increase in pre-cancerous thyroid abnormalities which will almost certainly lead to cancer…involving FORTY-SIX PERCENT of some 250,000 children being studied.  

According to Mangano, who has been studying these health effects for decades, statistics from THREE MILE ISLAND and CHERNOBYL confirm the pattern of death and disease downwind from atomic reactor disasters.  Mangano's work also shows that when a "normal" reactor shuts down, the health of the downwind public improves.  Such assertions have been confirmed by the numbers in studies from Columbia University, in Canada and throughout Belarus and Ukraine, downwind from Chernobyl.  

If you are concerned about your health and that of your children, don't miss this riveting, devastating investigation. 
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