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April 15, 2014  

We dissect the monumental study by the INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE with solar pioneer SCOTT SKLAR and TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service.  This authoritative survey by the IPCC has offered a powerful endorsement of renewable energy as the ultimate solution to our climate chaos, and Scott and Tim explain how.

In particular, the IPCC warns that the world must take action very quickly to save our climate balance, but that with renewables and efficiency it can be done.  It lays out many of the serious problems with atomic power and should help put to bed the false notion that nukes can help.  

In fact, both Tim and Scott lay out the details of why the transition we must make leaves nukes in their radioactive dust.

Don't miss this definitive dive into the devastating details of why climate change is real and how renewables can solve the problems that atomic energy has made so much worse.

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