Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

July 24, 2012  

GAIA, NEO-PAGANISM and POLYAMORY are back with HarveyW's Green Power & Wellness Show for a 2d round with Oberon Zell and Jeff Rosenbaum, mainstays of the annual Starwood Festival. Gaia advocate Oberon Zell--Wizard discusses his successive ten-year group marriages with the Triskelion and Ravenheart Clans, as well as the CHURCH OF ALL WORLDS and his forthcoming autobiography THE WITCH & THE WIZARD OZ.

Jeff talks Starwood and the demands of sustaining one of the world's largest annual pagan gatherings over an astonishing 3-decade run, with notable keynoters such as Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Paul Krassner and many more stellar lights in the Avatar world of a new spiritual age.

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