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May 20, 2014  

MEDICAL MARIJUANA and INDUSTRIAL HEMP are the prime topics with legendary activist, publisher and radio host DR. BOB FITRAKIS.  Bob is at the heart of the movements in Ohio to make marijuana more readily available to those who need and want it, and to the farmers now demanding the right to grow this great industrial crop.

We also discuss the realities of Ohio's Republican Governor John Kasich, almost certain to be a serious candidate for the Republican nomination to the presidency.  Kasich has made it clear he's running for the White House and would be a very likely choice to run with someone like Jeb Bush.

We finally cover the travesty of voter rights and lack thereof in Ohio and the on-going campaign by Secretary of State John Husted to further the Jim Crow tradition of eliminating non-Republican voters.  A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT is now in the works to guarantee the right to vote in Ohio.  Bob tells us how it might succeed and impact EVERYONE'S right to vote all over the nation.

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