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June 3, 2014  

 The challenge of dealing with RADIOACTIVE WASTE has reached a tipping point with the failure of New Mexico's Waste Isolation Pilot Project in a fire that has rendered the multi-billion-dollar facility all but useless.  We talk with long-time researcher BOB ALVAREZ, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies about the unsolvable problem of rad waste storage from both weapons and power reactors.

Alvarez also guides us through the amazing history of Dr. Alice Stewart, Dr. Ernest Sternglass and Dr. John Gofman, who against all odds alerted humankind to the DANGERS OF RADIATION EXPOSURE and the folly of using x-rays on pregnant women, of testing atomic bombs in the Earth's atmosphere, and of operating commercial reactors anywhere on this planet.
We owe them an incalculable debt, with millions of lives saved.  We thank Bob for supporting them during key moments of the battle over this critical research, and for gracing our show with this important discussion of the origins of credible research on radiation and human health.  
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