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May 6, 2014  

BIKES!  BIKES!  BIKES!  we talk with CHARLES KOMANOFF one of the great pioneers in the urban cycling movement, dating back to the 1970s and the rise of bicycle/people power in Manhattan. 

Charlie has been present at the creation of some of the great breakthroughs in the amazing spread of bike commuting and transport now a factor in hundred of cities all over the world.  He tells us of the two-wheeler's transformational impact on "Livable Streets"... and as the machine that makes human beings the most energy efficient of all animals on this planet.

The bicycle is, after all, the device that won the Vietnam War, and may ultimately help us win the war to save this planet as well, thanks in no small part to the savvy, articulate advocacy of folks like Charlie Komanoff.  Listen in as he glides through it all in the tones of one who knows….

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