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December 2, 2014  

THE PENTAGON HAS NO CENTRAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEM!!! Ok, so we all know the US military spends ungodly amounts of money on horrific weapons systems that do nobody any good, are destroying the planet and bankrupting us all.

Now comes PETER MATHEWS, author, teacher, radio host extraordinaire to tell us that Reuters has no confirmed there's just NO WAY TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH THE PENTAGON IS SPENDING.  Repeat:  here is a multi-trillion-dollar operation, meant to "protect" the biggest empire the world has ever seen, and we who are forced to pay for it cannot follow the money.

Hear the whole astounding story from Peter, whose many books and speeches have helped enlighten us all.

Then we're joined by NINA STREICH, organizer of the wonderful Global Peace Film Festival based for more than a decade in Orlando, Florida.  Nina now has important new opportunities to offer in New York City.  Her excellent organization has been among America's leading supporters of independent film-making and now offers new routes to help.  Make sure you hear how as we envision on film and video the many ways to Solartopia….

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