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November 25, 2014  

Veteran pollster RICHARD CHARNIN explains how the "Red Shift" transformation of Democratic voters into Republican victories has changed the nature of our government.  Joined by election protection expert BOB FITRAKIS, we find to our horror that the vote counts have been manipulated in our national elections at least since 1988 by corporate powers determined to maintain an iron grip on our government.

As Fitrakis explains, it's no accident the primary beneficiary of this power grab has been the Bush family, led by "Poppy" Bush, former head of a Central Intelligence Agency that perfected the theft and manipulation of elections throughout the Third World in the Vietnam Era.  With George W. handed stolen elections in 2000 and 2004, the Republican Party has been able to build its control over the American electoral process gradually, with a definitive corner turned in 2012 as they took the US Senate and numerous statehouses around the US.

A long-time Wall Street statistical expert, Charnin confirms the assertions of our previous guests, Greg Palast and Jon Simon about the apparent demise of the US electoral system.

Prior to all this sadness we hear from a very jolly "Rev. Billy" on a bus to St. Louis with the "Stopshopping Brigade," bound for a GMO-free thanksgiving at Monsanto Headquarters.  ENJOY YOUR HEALTHY MEAL everyone….

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