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November 19, 2014  

ELECTION THEFT in our own "democratic" United States as the GOP has tightened its grip on the levers of power.  We are joined by my co-conspirator BOB FITRAKIS and by JONATHAN SIMON, author of CODE RED:  COMPUTERIZED ELECTION THEFT & THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY.

We discuss Simon's warning that without hand-counted paper ballots, we have nothing resembling a democracy in this country.  That the "Red Shift" from legitimate voting to an outcome increasingly dominated by Republican "victors" has rendered our electoral system an empty shell.

And that it will take a huge grassroots upheaval to retrieve our right to vote in any meaningful manner.  Fitrakis and Simon point out, for example, that despite overwhelming Democratic majorities both Pennsylvania and Ohio have Congressional delegations totally dominated by Republicans.  And that without meaningful change, it may not be worth voting at all.

Don't miss this in-depth discussion of yet another aspect of our corrupted electoral process, and what to do about it.

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