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November 12, 2014  

HOW THE GOP BOUGHT, RIGGED, STOLE & LYNCHED THE 2014 ELECTION is our terrifying & infuriating topic as we hear from the great GREG PALAST and my co-conspirator BOB FITRAKIS, two of America's leading experts on election protection.

Bob & Greg have both reported on the theft of American elections since George W. Bush did it in 2000.  After a 6-month pre-election investigation, Greg has concluded that at least three US Senate races and at least three governorships were outright stolen this year through the use of Crosscheck, an Orwellian computer-based system employed by the GOP to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of African-American and other voters of color.

As Bob and I have reported extensively from Ohio, the purging of voter rolls and other dirty tricks has solidified GOP control of America's key swing state.  No one concerned about what's left of American democracy should miss this show.

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