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March 25, 2013  

FUKUSHIMA, CHERNOBYL AND THE GREAT HEALTH IMPACT COVERUP are with us through Dr. Janette Sherman, Joe Mangano and Professor Sarah D. Phillips.  Dr. Sherman and Joe Mangano are among the tiny group of scientists and researchers who have investigated the impacts of the fallout from these disasters, and their findings are not good.  In particular, they warn that Fukushima's radiation has fallout has impacted us here in the United States.  Prof. Phillips has found disturbing parallels between treatment of fallout victims in "democratic" Japan with those in the "dictatorial" former Soviet Union.  It all reminds us, unfortunately, of what also happened in central Pennsylvania following the 1979 disaster at Three Mile Island.   Finally Ace Hoffman fills us in on the latest nonsense at SAN ONOFRE, two reactors in California's tsunami/earthquake zones.  They are now shut, but utility attempts to reopen them could bring us new Chernobyl/Fukushimas of our own.

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