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January 14, 2021  
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Amidst an astonishing moment in our history, ignited by an election that wasn’t stolen, we dissect huge steps forward in Election Protection.

ANDREA MILLER (People Demanding Action), EMILY LEVY (Scrutineers) and CHRISTIAN NUNES (National Organization for Women) all report on the amazing grassroots upheaval in Georgia.

With a voter turnout that exceeded all expectations, these three great activists explain the revolutionary coordination in voter protection, voter turnout and ballot counting that turned the tide in KKK country.

We also hear in stunning detail from JAN BENDOR on huge electoral reforms in Michigan, where laws against gerrymandering and for universal hand-marked/scanned/counted ballots turned a tide.  This we will continue next week. 

From legendary Election Protection activist LULU FRIESDAT we confront a move to certify deeply flawed voting machines in New York State.

And then we plunge into the sordid details of January Sixth’s attempted coup d’etat with a very wide range of experts, including the legendary RABBI MARC GOPAN and many others.

Amidst it all we conjure the muscular spirit of ARNOLD SCHARZENEGGER and his now legendary comparison between the Trump Coup and Hitler’s Kristallnacht. 

It’s an astounding round-table of the airwaves you won’t want to miss in the midst of astounding times. 

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