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January 20, 2022  


On Martin Luther King Day we confront the horrendous blitzkrieg against voting rights and the future of American democracy.
At this GREEP ZOOM #79, we begin with the Ohio Supreme Court’s welcome overturn of a horrendous gerrymandering travesty.
We get a report from MAYOR JENNIFER ROBERTS on the battle for voter rights in North Carolina and the work of the Carter Center.
We hear about Wisconsin’s outrageous denial of drop boxes and the ability of voters to send in their ballots with family members.  
We hear from JENNIFER TANNER, TATONKA BRICCA, WENDI LIEDERMAN and RON LEONARD about the attack on solar in CA, FL and throughout the country.
We hear from MYLA RESON on the denial of democracy at the Pacifica Radio Network.
Then the great Constitutional attorney JOEL SEGAL presents the idea of a Presidential Executive Order to implement the voting rights acts.  
This extremely powerful, detailed, critically important discussion on how to preserve our democracy should not be missed.  
January 13, 2022  
Today’s GREEP zoom #78 features a smack-down focus on the nitty-gritty grassroots realities of getting into our election boards and making sure the Steve Bannon fascists don’t seize control of our democracy and burn it outright.
With TATONKA BRICCA, DANNY SHEEHAN, RAY MCCLENDON, LORI PESANTE and many more, we dig deep into exactly what we need to do to stop the election apparatus from being stolen.
We hear of great work being done in California, Georgia and elsewhere, with a clear eye toward what our focus must be for the coming year.
We also hear from JOHN BRAKEY and RAY LUTZ about the culmination of their amazing work in Arizona.  
This week's confirmation by the county of Maricopa and the state of Arizona that the grifter Cyber Ninjas demanding a pro-Trump recount were miles off-based is embodied in a 90+page report burying forever the idea that The Donald might’ve won that election.
This powerful, content-laden exploration of what pro-democracy forces face in 2022 sets the stage for how our movement must work if we are to emerge with something other than a Bannonite dictatorship.  JOIN US!!!
January 7, 2022  


We’re joined by the great LINDA PENCE GUNTER from Beyond Nuclear to celebrate the rapid demise of atomic power in Germany. 

On December 31, 2021, Germany shut three of its remaining six reactors; the last three will shut December 31, 2022.

This means the world’s fourth-largest economy will be totally nuke free.

Meanwhile serious cracks in at least four French reactors threaten to shut that nation’s electricity supply in the midst of a very cold winter.

Worldwide as the epic failure of atomic power worsens, we see a massive rise in renewables.

From California the great TATONKA BRICCA tells us of the Green movement to completely convert the Golden State to 100% renewables.

But the fossil/nuclear industry is doing all it can to shut the spread of rooftop solar, which employs upwards of 50,000 and is providing cheap, safe, clean reliable energy statewide.

Tatonka also updates us on the critical move to make California a true democracy with protected election boards and transparent redistricting.

Don’t miss this critical discussion of true democracy in both energy and the ballot box. 

January 3, 2022  


We’re joined by the great LINDA SEELEY of the legendary San Luis Obispo MOTHERS FOR PEACE who fills us in on the latest battles at Diablo Canyon. 

The two California nukes are scheduled to shut in 2024 and 2025, but in a fit of major insanity the Biden Administration is now lobbying to keep them open. 

Linda updates us on the endless and worsening problems facing these two incredibly dangerous nukes.

RON LEONARD then fills us in on all the latest developments in the solar industry and the fossil/nuke attempts to kill it.

Solar taxes and other scams are being thrown at the solar industry by utility companies fearful of losing their monopolies.

Slave labor and other issues have seeped in from China.

But prices continue to drop and the industry seems to be holding its own….for now!

December 23, 2021  


We cover a huge swath of the election protection universe in today’s GREEP #77 zoom gathering, with more than 90 people joining us.

We start with PETE PECKARSKY and STEVE ROSENFELD reporting on the fascist assault on voting rights in Wisconsin.

With JODIE EVANS and TATONKA BRICCA we deal with the government’s attempt to murder JULIAN ASSANGE and LEONARD PELTIER.

JOEL SEGAL introduces the magnificent concept of a VOTING RIGHTS SUMMER in which millions of young people would convene to save our electoral system from the fascist Trump/Bannon blitzkrieg.

We also hear from JULIE LEVINE about the horrifying dangers of 5G and what we need to stop it.

We hear from Europe about major mass mobilizations against the killing of a young boy in Greece.

And we CELEBRATE the victory of a millennial progressive in Chile.  NO MORE PINOCHET!!!

December 16, 2021  


We start with the great JENNIFER ROBERTS, former two-term mayor of Charlotte, NC.  Jennifer is a world-class pioneer in Election Protection, green power and much more.

JENNIFER'S affiliation with the CARTER CENTER is a hugely important expansion of the reach of Election Protection and the future of our democracy.

She provides us with a detailed examination of many key power points relating to all we need to know about America’s balloting

We’re then joined by Ann Arbor’s BRIAN STEINBERG, whose grassroots fundraising and organizing has made a huge difference in outcomes in Michigan, Georgia and elsewhere.

Brian’s pioneer work in funding relational organizing has been extremely important, as his dissection of the use of Constitutional amendment referenda throughout the US.

Former Ohio organizer PAUL RYDER joins us to dissect the impact MILITARY POLICY has had on the careers of American presidents such as John Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Joe Biden.

We then hear briefly about the impact of undersea www activity on marine mammals (we will return to this next week).

And then we visit the case of JULIAN ASSANGE, REALITY WINNER, LEONARD PELTIER and other political prisoners.

It’s a critical hour, filled with cutting edge stuff.  Don’t miss us!!!

December 9, 2021  
The Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom #75 headlines the great long-time activist KENNY BRUNO in a devastating 90-minute discussion of what we need to do to save our democracy.
We start with a brief report from HEDY TRIPP in Minnesota who organized our GREEP #74 call with KEITH ELLISON, the state’s Attorney-General.
Kenny’s bio includes important work with Greenpeace USA, Pipeline Fighters Hub, the Ruckus Society, EarthRights International and more.  He is co-author with Beth Handman and their daughter Antonia Bruno of a number of very cool children’s books.
Kenny’s current article “Trump Has Already Laid the Groundwork to Subvert the 2024 Election” appears at Truthout ( with an overview of what we face to preserve what’s left of our democracy and protect ourselves from a devastating dictatorship.
Kenny is joined on the zoom by co-convenor JOEL SEGAL, radio host LYNN FEINERMAN, legendary organizers RAY MCCLENDON, JULIE LEVINE, RAY LUTZ, JULIE WEINER and MYLA RESON,Green Party Presidential candidate HOWIE HAWKINS, indigenous activist TATANKA BRICCA, LCV Founder MARION EADY and many more.
This is a truly unique and moving meeting.  JOIN US!
December 2, 2021  
Our 74th GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION COALITION Zoom features the great KEITH ELLISON, Attorney-General of Minnesota in a riveting All-Star gathering that gets to the core of to save our democracy under fire.
Keith was the lead prosecutor in the GEORGE FLOYD case and has been at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement and much much more.
He is a brilliant, personable, deeply dedicated grassroots politician who helped found the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  Today he works to preserve the right of our citizens to safely cast ballots and have them reliably counted (what a concept!).
Keith is joined by ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground, whose work in Georgia and elsewhere on voting centers and computerized mass mobilization has been pathbreaking and essential.and getting ever moreso…
RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP tells us how the GEORGIA WAY of grassroots organizing is key to fighting off the fascist right-wing assault bearing down on our nation.
HEDY TRIPP of St. Cloud, ALAN MINSKY of the PDA, JOHN BRAKEY of Audit USA, JAMES FUKUDA of LULAC, Indigenous organizer TATANKA BRICCA, voting rights pioneer LORI GRACE, REV. RODNEY SADLER, journalism ART LEVINE, GREEP’s great JOEL SEGAL and many more join in with AG Ellison to make this a truly critical gathering.
Don’t miss it!!! 
November 26, 2021  
We’re joined at session #73 of the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zooms by ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground and RAY MCCLENDON of the Atlanta NAACP.
We face a crisis in the rise of fascism that can only be defeated with the restoration of voting rights and the defeat of Gerrymandering, facilitated by two major bills now before Congress.
Long-term victory demands establishing DEMOCRACY CENTERS and meaningful, sustainable pro-democracy campaigns wherever possible.
That means moving the millions of donor dollars that are wasted on TV ads into on-the-ground organizing that can restore our democracy.
Thus the slogan NO MORE TERRY MCAULIFFEs as a reminder that boring, mid-road campaigners clog the arteries needed to deliver real public input.  
As JOEL SEGAL makes clear, these voting rights bills MUST be made law either by passing Congress, which will require defeating the filibuster, or by Executive Order.
JAN BEN DOR joins us from Michigan to describe the grassroots efforts there to win back voting rights through a Constitutional Amendment proposed via referendum.
And HEDY TRIPP sets the stage for January 29th’s special session with KEITH ELLISON, Attorney-General of Minnesota and a power in the Democratic National Committee.
With our Republic and way of life under intense fascistic attack, these sessions are absolutely essential.  JOIN US!!!
November 19, 2021  
Our 72d Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom begins with FRANCESCO DA VINCI whose “I Will Not Kill” is an account of a lifetime of peace activism and of his resistance to the draft during the Vietnam War.  
He features photos of Jack and Robert Kennedy, Muhammed Ali, Dr. King and many more notables in his remarkable exposition on the need to stop military violence.
JOEL SEGAL then plunges us into the deep intrigues surrounding the John Lewis Voting Act and the desperate need to protect what’s left of our electoral system.
Evaluating such steps as an Executive Order, filibuster cut-out, reconciliation bill and more, Joel issues a call to action for a national, unified campaign to win this campaign and protect our elections.
Nothing could be more vital.
Except…the global environment.  Solar industry expert RON LEONARD fills us in on the latest from the COP meeting in Europe, and on the embattled solar panel industry that holds the key to human survival.
We note that President Biden is actually meeting with Chinese leader Xi.
Finally we hear from Orlando, Florida, where CHUCK O’NEAL gives us an astounding tour of his pathbreaking work on winning legal rights for our Planet Earth.
This must-hear exposition could re-define our ability to save our only home.  Don’t Miss It!!!

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