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October 28, 2019  

The assault by violent pro-nuke thugs against anti-bailout signature gatherers in Ohio is now going to that state’s Supreme Court.

We discuss this astonishing battle with long-time experts KEVIN KAMPS, DICK MUNSON and DAVE KRAFT, with Ohio Green Party activist JOE DEMARE.

A federal judge has now rejected a request by opponents of a statewide nuclear bailout for more time to gather signatures for a referendum.

The request was made necessary because Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State sat on the referendum application for 40 days, effectively reducing the signature gathering window from 90 days to 50.

Signature gathering was also disrupted by widespread physical attacks by thugs who also circulated a fake petition designed to create confusion.

In at least one case a repeal signature gatherer reported being offered $2500 to turn over legitimate signatures for obvious destruction.

To get a vital update on this deadly, democracy-destroying situation, listen in to Dick, Dave, Kevin, Joe and Harvey dissect the damage.

Our planet hangs in the balance…and the whole world is watching.

October 17, 2019  


A violent, overtly fascist putsch against an anti-nuclear referendum in Ohio has taken the corporate assault on American democracy to a terrifying new level.
We talk with Attorney ROBERT FITRAKIS, Green activist JOE DEMARE and Beyond Nuclear’s KEVIN KAMPS about the brutal attacks being waged against signature gatherers for an anti-nuclear referendum.
In July the gerrymandered Ohio legislature passed AB6, a massive bailout for failing nuke and coal burners.  Pro-safety forces immediately filed to put on the ballot a referendum overturning the bailout.
Polls show Ohioans—including much of the conservative media—deeply opposed to the bailout, and supportive of the referendum.
But the nuclear industry is now using hired thugs to physically intimidate signature gatherers, putting in question whether the referendum will get on the ballot at all.  It’s a deep assault on democracy itself.
Don’t miss this riveting, horrifying discussion among experts deeply enmeshed in a fight that cuts to the core of American democracy.
October 11, 2019  


We talk with superb experts JOHN BRAKEY and STEVE ROSENFELD about the state of the 2020 elections.

Steve & John have been investigating and reporting on the status of electronic and other voting machines in key swing states throughout the country.

The inventory is definitely mixed, as are the prospects for a free and fair election.  The prospects for a fair vote count are also definitely mixed.

To get a grip on what we are now facing in 2020, you’d do well to listen to this powerful and penetrating discussion.

October 4, 2019  


We’re joined by the truly great ALAN MINSKY to explore the work of Progressive Democrats of America in the Age of Impeachment.

Alan has worked at Program Director of KPFK/Pacifica and now is a major national campaigner for a transcendence of the power of the corporations.

We trace American democracy from the Indigenous to Bernie, whose amazing rise to prominence is due in part to Allen’s great work.

A brilliant activist and analyst, Alan dissects the vital conflict between the corporate Democrats and the Sandernistas.

Bound up in that critical conflict is the future of our species.  Nobody explains it better than Alan Minsky. 


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