Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

July 27, 2018  

HUGE NUKE BAILOUTS IN NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY are with us today in Solartopia.

We’re joined by legendary expert/activists SUSAN SHAPIRO, JOE MANGANO & KARL GROSSMAN to dissect the $7.6 billion handout NY’s “Democratic” Gov. Andrew Cuomo has earmarked to keep four dying upstate nuke reactors operating upstate.  We also look at the additional $400 million New Jersey wants to squander on collapsing nukes now poisoning the Garden State.
These insane rip-offs will gut the NY-NJ economies and put the entire region at huge risk from more Three Mile Island-Chernobyl-Fukushima disasters.
They will also worsen global warming by slowing the progress of renewable energy, which would otherwise preserve the climate, create thousands of jobs and save ratepayers billions of dollars.
Susan, Joe and Karl are all major leaders in the movement to halt this madness.  Don’t miss their brilliance.
July 25, 2018  


Our honored guest is the great DAVID SWANSON, Nobel nominee and lifelong peace activist.

We discuss the RUSSIA connection to Donald Trump & our elections.  

Is Trump in financial debt to Putin?  Does that affect our prospects for peace?  

Would a “President” Hillary Clinton now have us in a nuclear war?

A resident of Charlottesville, David is a uniquely articulate and persistent advocate for peace.

Don’t miss hearing him

July 13, 2018  

CIVILITY IN POLITICS & A DYING PLANET are our topics today at the Green Power & Wellness Hour.

We’re joined by long-time Democratic Party stalwart and enviro-activist LANCE SIMMENS and ANDREA LEON-GROSSMAN of Food & Water Watch.

The two brilliant southern Californians fill us in on issues of civility in politics, the decline of the Democratic Party and the need to cool our roasting planet.

When Trump attacked Rep. Maxine Waters, Party leaders Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer were slow to defend her.

 But when Maxine called for confronting Cabinet officials and other GOP functionaries, Pelosi and Schumer attacked her.

And now, when temperatures in California have climbed above 115 degrees, they are nowhere to be found.

We get off fossil fuels and we get onto renewable energy…. or we die, say our guests.  Don’t miss their brilliance.

July 6, 2018  
We're joined in Solartopia by 3 great activists—-JOEL SEGAL, BOB FITRAKIS & BILL GALLEGOS—-to celebrate the departure of the horrendous Scott Pruitt from Trumputin's Environmental Destruction Agency.
The incredibly corrupt Pruitt led a wrecking crew assault against our Mother Earth.  Together we hope for hearings that will help unify a national eco-uprising that can reverse climate chaos and move us toward a green-powered Solartopia.
Joel has also drafted major legislation for the solarization of Puerto Rico.  Bob is at the cutting edge of community power in central Ohio.  And Bill is helping lead the charge against the massive oil/gas drilling that threatens all of Los Angeles county.
Together the social Democrats who are driving real change in this country continue to confront both Trumpocalytpic assault on all things sane and decent, and the Corporate Democrat blood clot that has prevented real social change….until NOW!!!


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