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February 23, 2018  

The travesty in PUERTO RICO and IMMIGRATION are where we’re at in Solartopia today, as we talk with long-time activist JOEL SEGAL along with immigration attorney JOSUNE AGUIRRE and singer-activist DON ARBOR.

Joel confirms that the death and devastation are continuing in Puerto Rico while Team Trump ignores the humanitarian crisis and uses crisis capitalism to plunder the island.  Suicides are on the rise and substantial portions of the island are still without power, food and water.  
Atop the hour we play Don’s anthem EVERYBODY COMES FROM SOMEWHERE to commemorate the obscene idiocy of the Trump attack on the non-crisis of immigration.  And Josune fills us in on the fight over ICE and its attacks on sanctuary cities like Santa Monica and Berkeley.  We also visit the hypocrisy of Trump’s wife’s parents getting green cards, despite being “bad hombres."
Its a tough but necessary hour.  
February 16, 2018  

THE FALL OF NUKE POWER continues as we talk with LINDA SEELEY and PAUL GUNTER on the disintegration of this one-proud industry.

Linda, of the MOTHERS FOR PEACE, fills us in on the latest from DIABLO CANYON as speculation runs rampant that the owners will run out of both money and qualified personnel to keep these two cursed reactors operating beyond 2021.

Paul, of BEYOND NUCLEAR, updates us on what’s happening in China, and fills us in on the astonishing collapse of the Nuclear Energy Institute.  Two pivotal utilities with major nuclear investments are now in an ugly public battle with the industry’s leading trade organization.

We also look at the physical collapse of these aging reactors and hope we can get them shut before they blow up.

February 9, 2018  

IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN YOU THINK   is the great DAVID CAY JOHNSTON’s brilliant NYTimes best-selling investigation of the life and crimes of Donald Trump.

Johnston is an impeccable investigator with top-level credentials who has been following Trump for decades.   He’s also a great, uniquely articulate presenter.

But his 100% true exposition of Trump’s personal, political and financial history borders on the surreal.  If a novelist were to invent a character this awful, someone so thoroughly defined by outrageous lies, greed and heartlessness, he would not be credible.

David takes us through a bare fraction of what he’s uncovered about the Dark Lord currently in the White House.  For pure mind-boggling shock and awe, don’t miss what he has to say.

We are also joined by STEVE ROSENFELD of ALTERNET who fills us in on the critical interface between election theft, the Russians who own Trump and how all this plays out in the shadow of Homeland Security and other reports of Russian meddling in our elections.

Sadly, there will be much more to come about all of this. 

February 2, 2018  

NUKE POWER SHUTDOWNS are getting us closer to Solartopia.  We join TIM JUDSON and KEVIN KAMPS to explore the growing parade of atomic power plants being closed for reasons of economics, old age and grid limitations in light of the massive influx of renewable energy.

Coming from the NUCLEAR INFORMATION & RESOURCE SERVICE & BEYOND NUCLEAR, we explore the situations at DIABLO CANYON in California, at PERRY, DAVIS-BESSE & BEAVER VALLEY in Ohio & Pennsylvania, and at four reactors in upstate New York being bailed out by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.  NIRS has joined a lawsuit to prevent those bailouts which has just gotten favorable news from a state court.

We also talk about the extreme danger of nukes being built in CHINA and the horrors of FUKUSHIMA, 3 MILE ISLAND, CHERNOBYL and other catastrophes of the atomic age.

With the onrush of renewables, there is hope for a green-powered Earth, and the path is being cleared by these truly great activists.  Don’t miss what they say.


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