Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

March 25, 2013  

FUKUSHIMA, CHERNOBYL AND THE GREAT HEALTH IMPACT COVERUP are with us through Dr. Janette Sherman, Joe Mangano and Professor Sarah D. Phillips.  Dr. Sherman and Joe Mangano are among the tiny group of scientists and researchers who have investigated the impacts of the fallout from these disasters, and their findings are not good.  In particular, they warn that Fukushima's radiation has fallout has impacted us here in the United States.  Prof. Phillips has found disturbing parallels between treatment of fallout victims in "democratic" Japan with those in the "dictatorial" former Soviet Union.  It all reminds us, unfortunately, of what also happened in central Pennsylvania following the 1979 disaster at Three Mile Island.   Finally Ace Hoffman fills us in on the latest nonsense at SAN ONOFRE, two reactors in California's tsunami/earthquake zones.  They are now shut, but utility attempts to reopen them could bring us new Chernobyl/Fukushimas of our own.

March 18, 2013  

HEMP!  is with us at 3pm today at the Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show along with Doug Fine's TOO HIGH TO FAIL.  After our spirited discussion of the many manifestations of marijuana (legal and otherwise) Doug comes to  talk about the world's most potentially profitable industrial crop.  From the Emerald Triangle to the green bluegrasses of Kentucky and beyond, don't miss this show.

March 11, 2013  

In the shadow of Fukushima, join activist/organizer Deb Katz, filmmaker Dan Keller and NO NUKES author Anna Gyorgy with HarveyW as we cover energy from No Nukes to Germany's shift to Solartopia.  Deb gives us the field report on the campaign to shut Vermont Yankee and other northeastern reactors.  Dan tells us about his "conspiratorial" role in the legendary toppling of the infamous Montague weather tower in 1974 that, in part through his award-winning films, helped birth the global No Nukes movement.  And Anna fills us in on the actual birth of Solartopia in Germany, the world's 4th-largest economy, where nukes are being buried as fast as possible by cheaper, safer, cleaner and more welcome green power.  As much as it's possible to be up-beat on the 2d anniversary of the catastrophe at Fukushima, this show certainly is.

March 4, 2013  

Has Cannabis become TOO HIGH TO FAIL?  Doug Fine's best-selling reportage on the legalization of pot in the northern California county of Mendocino gives us a serious look at the future of America's drug policy.  Fine gives us lively, committed and often very funny tales of the $6 BILLION (that's not a typo) business that legal marijuana has become in the legendary "Emerald Triangle."   It's a a lively, enlightened Green Power & Wellness Show, if you can remember it.  If not, listen to to how the  Solartopia of post-prohibition pot is coming soon.  And have a ton of fun coming with us!


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