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SHUTTING THE DEVIL'S NUKES with Mothers for Peace veteran LINDA SEELEY gives us a guide to a movement that can save our nation.  Linda has worked in San Luis Obispo, California, for more than thirty years to close the two huge reactors at DIABLO CANYON, half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
These aged, deteriorating nukes are surrounded by earthquake faults.  More people have been arrested there than at any other reactor site in the US.  Should they suffer a major accident, their radiation would pour across the entire North American continent.
But now their owner, Pacific Gas & Electric, is uniquely vulnerable.  A powerful grassroots upsurge is moving fast forward to shut them down.  Hear all about it with this great long-time activist.
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The great DR. HELEN CALDICOTT joins us for a thorough excursion into the insane, life-threatening world of atomic energy.

Since 1971 Helen has been leading the charge to rid the planet of the nuclear power and weapons technologies that threaten all life on Earth.  She has studied the impacts of the accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima and has thoroughly documented the biological destruction the atomic power industry continues to do to us all.

Helen also experienced the ultimate hair-rising White House meeting with Ronald Reagan, then in the early stages of Alzheimer's, to discuss the future of nuclear weapons---an epic moment that has impacted us all.

Her new book, CRISIS WITHOUT END (New Press), documents her recent conference on nuclear health impacts just as she is organizing yet another top-level conference on nuclear weaponry, to take place in February.  

Hear all about it at this immensely important excursion in the necessary world of a nuke-free Solartopia….

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 The powerful new book from our guest MARK SCHAPIRO lays out the true costs of a fossil-based economy and what it's doing to our global economy, health and eco-sphere.

Mark is a long-time veteran of the contentious issues surrounding fossil fuels.  His unique range of expertise and insight gives him a powerful perspective on what we really confront when we turn that ignition switch or fire up that gas heater.  So Mark explains in frightening detail what FRACKING is doing to the Earth and reminds us that those cold, powerful bean-counters at carbon corporate HQ do take the size and political impact of our marches into account.

Speaking to us from Oakland, California, Mark brings decades of deep insight to an industry that affects us all, where price simply doesn't match cost, and where we need to transition really fast to renewable energy if we're going to survive on this planet.  

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NUKES vs GLOBAL WARMING vs RENEWABLE ENERGY as we investigate how King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) is doing its best to subvert our Solartopian future.

DAVE KRAFT of Chicago's Nuclear Energy Information Service joins CINDY FOLKERS and KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear on a total tour of the myths of thorium reactors and the sorry history of uranium.
We thoroughly explore why atomic power CONTRIBUTES TO GLOBAL WARMING and why the industry is desperately trying to get public subsidies for its dirty old reactors in the name of fighting climate change while it simultaneous wrecks the Earth with tracking.
Don't miss this fascinating, thoroughly informed discussion as we jump through the atomic rabbit hole and emerge with solar panels.

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JILL STEIN talks about that massive, magical, mystery tour of a march in New York City this equinox Sunday, and what it means for the future of our climate.

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Our Solartopian conversation about the GIANT CLIMATE MARCH, CORPORATIONS and SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE is with DAVID MORRIS of the Institution for Local Self-Reliance and HARRIET BARLOW of the Blue Mountain Center.
These great long-time activists fill us in on the origins of the global 9/21 march on climate change and how it relates to issues of corporate control.  They will be marching with the masses this weekend to end global warming amidst a huge array of meetings and organizing.
David has also authored an important article on this week’s vote on SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE ( http://www.ilsr.org/scotland-sovereignty-corporations/ ) and explains its critical importance in terms of a global movement for smaller countries.  
The corporations will counter-attack, he warns.  But Scotland may open a Third Wave of new country formation that could make our world a better place.  Let’s Hope!!!
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SAVING THE INTERNET is critical to a Solartopian future.  But it's under attack from corporate "ISP" providers determined to censor public dialogue and make themselves even richer.  TIM KARR of www.freepress.net and BOB FITRAKIS of www.freepress.org give us the full story on the attack of the corporate elite on the one remaining electronic bastion of a free press---the open, unrestrained internet.  A regulation that would destroy this has been introduced by Thomas Wheeler, chair of the Federal Communications Commission, an Obama appointee.  According to Tim Karr, this proposal has drawn more than 1.4 million public comments, 99% of which are in opposition to allowing corporations to charge websites more money for better access, a provision that would tilt the internet towards big money elites and destroy democratic interplay.  PRN and so much more of what's left of our democracy depend on the defeat of this cynical regulation.  Hear all about it on this show and TAKE ACTION NOW!

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THE DEVIL'S NUKE at Diablo Canyon, California, cannot meet basic earthquake, tsunami, fire hazard or water quality standards.    So DAVID LOCHBAUM of the Union of Concerned Scientists (www.UCSUSA.org) and ROCHELLE BECKER of California's ALLIANCE 4 NUCLEAR RESPONSIBILITY (www.A4NR.org) tell us how this pair of gargantuan reactors between Los Angeles and San Francisco threaten us all.  A newly released report from Nuclear Regulatory Commission Insider Dr. Michael Peck warns that the fault lines surrounding these nukes could deliver shocks far stronger than the plant is designed to withstand.  Dave Lochbaum has written than the plant can't meet basic fire protection criteria.  And Rochelle Becker reports that state law requires major changes to the plant's cooling system that would cost billions of dollars to install.    Grassroots citizen action recently shut two San Onofre reactors to the south.  The question is:  will it do the same to Diablo Canyon before disaster strikes? 

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HIROSHIMA DAY in Berkeley allowed me the opportunity speak at the Unitarian Meeting House for the August 6, 2014 commemoration of the terrible bombing and ensuing destruction, which is now being matched and more at FUKUSHIMA.  I had the honor and privilege of addressing a room full of fabulous citizen/activists about the burning issues of NUCLEAR POWER, ATOMIC WEAPONS AND OUR SOLARTOPIAN FUTURE on this sacred evening.  The talk was beautifully recorded by Maria Gilardin of WTUC radio, for which we deeply thank her.  We also thank the organizers of this evening, including Phoebe Sorgen, Cynthia Papermaster, Cecile Pineda and so many more.  Cecile, who is author of THE DEVIL'S TANGO, was kind enough to do the introductions.  We hope you find this hour-long presentation challenging and inspiring.

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RICHARD NIXON & HENRY KISSINGER SABOTAGED THE 1968 VIETNAM PEACE TALKS and cursed us all with 7 more years of war and hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.  This "leftist conspiracy theory" which has been dismissed by the right for so many decades has now been definitively confirmed and is 100% part of the "mainstream" American legacy.  DAVID SWANSON, one of America's great peace writer/activists, and attorney BOB FITRAKIS, publisher of www.freepress.org, professor of political science, thoroughly document this explosive reality now being so blithely ignored by the corporate media.  Bob and David also explore, as only they can, the illegal lies that led us into the wars in Iraq and Libya, as well as George H.W. Bush's treasonous delay of the release American hostages in Iran, guaranteeing the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan.  Proving once again that yesterday's "conspiracy theory" is tomorrow's proven historic reality, David and Bob plumb the depths of an imperial war machine that threatens us all while denying it all with ever-decreasing credibility.  

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