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October 18, 2018  

We discuss with three top experts the national campaign by the Trumpist Party to steal the 2018 mid-term election in Georgia, North Dakota, North Carolina, Arizona and elsewhere.

Leading election protection activists MIMI KENNEDY, JOHN BRAKEY and STEVE ROSENFELD are with us for the full hour.

If you are at all concerned about the future of American democracy, do not miss this amazing show.

October 12, 2018  

We’re joined by activist JOEL SEGAL to discuss the many ways the Trumpist GOP is stealing the 2018 election, and what we can do about it.  We particularly focus on stripping of voter rolls in Georgia, North Carolina and in North Dakota, where virtually all Indigenous reservation residents are being disenfranchised.

We also talk with ELLEN BROWN and MARC ARMSTRONG about the public banking option.  North Dakota has had a public bank form a century.  Now Los Angeles has a charter amendment that could establish one in one of America’s biggest cities.  Putting LA’s finances into public hands could save as much as $170 million/year, more money than it spends on road maintenance.  Brown and Armstrong explain how.

October 5, 2018  


We are joined at the Green Power & Wellness Show by three great activists with key insights into the canonization of the murdered activist Archbishop Oscar Romero, a major court victory for Indigenous activism against the Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines, and for social justice and democratic survival in the US.

CLIFFORD J. TASNER of Americans for Democratic Action joins SARA NELSON and DANNY SHEEHAN of the Romero Institute along with host Harvey “Sluggo” Wasserman in a fascinating, lively hour. .

We start with the Catholic Church’s decision to recognize the sainthood of Oscar Romero, who was murdered in El Salvador in 1980 by fascist death squads.  Romero is the first “Liberation Theology” priest to become a saint, marking a major shift in the church’s orientation under Pope Francis.

We also explore a major court victory as North Dakota drops charges against Indigenous leader Chase Iron Eyes for his opposition to the Dakota Pipeline, which threatens the entire ecological system of the Mississippi Valley.  Charges of “trespassing” against the First Peoples who own the land to begin with has become a trap door into a new realm of legal challenge the corporate establishment may not want to touch.

Finally we use the furor over the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to explore the need for America's progressive wing to retake the nation and prevent a total fascist/misogynist take-over.  As Sara makes clear, it may well be America’s women, enraged by the Kavanaugh catastrophe, who lead the charge and ultimately make the difference.   

September 28, 2018  


We start in Solartopia with the obscenity that is the abuse of women in our society, as related with first-hand testimony by JOEL SEGAL, a graduate of the southern educational system, who has observed first hand the shameful realities of how men treat women there.

We are then joined by ENERGY/ENVIRONMENTAL EXPERTS NANCY LA PLACA, KIM PORTER & MUSTAFA ALI, who explain for us in excruciating detail the eco-health costs of the massive coal ash spills that have just ravaged North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

This latest global warming catastrophe has broken dams and poured highly toxic coal ash, animal wastes and other life-destroying poisons into our rivers, lakes and ocean, turning still more segments of the planet into virtual dead zones.

Nancy, Kim and Mustafa bring extremely good news about community organizing and about the powerful, rapid advance of renewable energy technologies.  Nancy explains in great detail how wind, solar and battery technologies have become far cheaper to use the coal, oil, nukes and gas, and how they now offer a clear route to SOLARTOPIA if only the monopolized utility companies would get out of the way.

Kim gives us great information about the spread of community organizing in North Carolina, while Mustafa fills in critical blanks on the federal scene.

If you are interested in survival on this planet, don’t miss this show. 

September 24, 2018  

We celebrate the permanent shut-down of the OYSTER CREEK NUKE REACTOR, bringing the number of licensed operable US nukes to 98.

We hope to force a test of DIABLO CANYON’S embrittled core when Unit One shuts for refueling in February, 2019.

And  we look forward to the COMPLETE TRANSITION TO SOLARTOPIAN ENERGY as now mandated by the government of California.

To get there we’re joined by PROF. MARK JACOBSON of Stanford University, one of the world’s leading experts on renewables, who has just built a solar-powered home.

By PAUL KANGAS, renewable advocate and a witness to the GLOBAL CLIMATE SUMMIT just held in San Francisco.

And by LINDA SEELEY of the MOTHERS FOR PEACE based in San Luis Obispo, working for the final shutdown of Diablo Canyon.

This show offers a highly professional overview of our wind/solar prospects and how we can save our Earth from climate chaos.  Don’t miss it!

September 14, 2018  


We’re joined by the great TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service and DONNA GILMORE of San Onofre Safety to sort through the latest insanities of atomic power and the immense 
quantities of radioactive waste that threaten us all.

Tim tells us of the danger of numerous reactors in the path of Hurricane Florence.  With potential for flooding, loss of off-site power and too much more, this is a tense moment for all of humankind
as we face the realities of flimsy, flawed reactors and spent fuel pools that may not withstand massive influxes of seawater, as at Fukushima.

Likewise the immense casks of radioactive waste that are being flung about all over the world.  In a recent terrifying incident, a 50-ton dry cask was left hanging over a 20-foot hole at San Onofre in 
conditions of extreme incompetence and danger.  The public only heard of it because of the bravery of a wistle-blower whose job and life are now themselves in danger.

We also visit the terrible peril of the embrittled core at Diablo Canyon Unit One.  In February, 2019, the reactor will shut for refueling.  It is embedded with a “coupon” that would allow a test
to see how embrittled the core might be.  PG&E of course doesn’t really want to know.  What can we do to force a public test?

Join us to find out!!!

September 7, 2018  


Our guests STEVE ROSENFELD and JOHN BRAKEY give us the low-down on how the Trump “Justice” Department is wrecking havoc with the conduct of this fall’s polling in the TarHeel State.

Steve has become one of our nation’s leading experts in election protection.  John is advocating a new generation of voting machines that provide a digital image ballot.

The Trump anti-democracy assault has targeted NC with absurd demands for millions of old ballots and other voting materials which they intend to turn over to immigration authorities.  As Rosenfeld and Brakey point out, this can intimidate voters in a state that’s closely divided between Democrats and Republicans, and where bitter battles are raging over the powers of the governor, impeachment of the state Supreme Court, illegally gerrymandered Congressional districts and much more.

Throughout the hour we go ever deeper into the morass of our deliberately trashed and desperately needed democracy.  If you are at all concerned about the future, don’t miss this show.

August 31, 2018  


> We’re joined in Solartopia by the great activists LINDA SEELEY, KEVIN KAMPS and DONNA GILMORE to discuss the shutdowns of more and more reactors with the on-going crisis in decommissioning, waste management and the waste heat that is a major cause of global warming.

> All atomic reactors are (barely) contained Hiroshimas, with 400 of them scorching the planet 24/7 worldwide.  By converting relatively inert uranium into steady-stream fission explosions, atomic energy becomes a prime source of frying our planet.  Arguments that nukes help with global warming are therefore—literally—insane.

> Likewise radioactive waste, which is being stored throughout the US in substandard tin cans prone to cracking, possibly leading to nuke explosions.

> As reactors like Oyster Creek (NJ), Pilgrim (MA) and Palisades (MI) streak toward shut-down, these three world class experts warn us of the nightmares we must expect.

August 24, 2018  

TRUMP IS WHOLLY OWNED BY PUTIN & THE RUSSIAN MOB.  So says the legendary CRAIG UNGER, whose best-selling HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN exposes the White House occupant’s long and deep ties to organized crime.

Thirty years ago, when he was $4 billion in debt and 6 times bankrupt, The Donald turned to the only ones who’d fund him:  the Russian oligarchs, newly enriched by feeding on the corpse of the fallen Soviet Union.  He became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin’s new kleptocracy.

Turning Trump Tower into a dormitory and nerve center for Russia’s new “made men,” Trump did some 1300 condo transactions mostly in cash, to dummy corporations.

Now he does whatever Putin tells him to do because Putin OWNS him.  The term collusion does not fully describe the situation.

There is much much more.  

We’ve been attacked three times, says Unger.  "At Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and now.  After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we did not lose control of the White House."

August 17, 2018  
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 must be saved from the brutal uncaring neglect perpetrated by the Trump fascists. 

Powerful new legislation would solarize the island and bring a new Marshall Plan to restore the decent housing, schools and infrastructure the people so rightfully deserve. 

We’re honored by legendary activists Joel Segal, Yesenia Perez and Guillermo Nicacio who lay out in critical detail how we can restore justice and sanity to this beloved community. 


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