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April 28, 2016  

From victim to victorious, we hear the astounding story of Dee McMillan a young Texas student who at age 14 is bullied by her classmates and then turns that into an energy to help save the world.  Called a “fat whale” she decides to take it head on.  She prints up “fat whale” t-shirts and starts a campaign to—you guessed it—save the whales.  It’s an inspiring, energizing story told to us by Maris Stidenstecker of Monterey, California, whose long-standing organization used more than $10,000 raised by Dee to help clean the oceans.

We’re then joined by the great Libbe Halevy, long-time No Nukes activist and radio host who spoke with me at the Uranium Film Festival in Los Angeles, on a panel that included the actress Mimi Kennedy, actors Esai Morales and Lou Gossett, JR. along with actress/organizer Kat Kramer. Among the films we saw were NUCLEAR SAVAGES, THE LAST PICTURE, and THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD. The MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD features Kevin Costner in one of the most interesting and powerful films about the near-avoidance of nuke war one could ever image.
Libbe is a fascinating host discussing a great important topic.  Please do join us to save the world…
April 21, 2016  

ATOMIC RADIATION is threatening us all as we hear from a great documentary filmmaker and two of America’s most important health researchers.

Adam Horowitz tells us of his award-winning documentary NUCLEAR SAVAGE focused on the atomic bombing of the Marshall Islands and the horrifying death toll that followed.
When the US tested a nuclear weapon on Bikini atoll in the South Pacific it caused the death and destruction of hundreds of lives of native people it dismissed as “nuclear savages.”
Adams’ devastating film was fined in part by PBS, which then pulled it from a nationwide showing that might have informed millions of Americans of this horrible tragedy.  Adam’s film
will show at the Uranium Film Festival at Los Angeles’s Raleigh Theater on April 27.

Legendary health researchers DR. Janette Sherman and Joe Mangano then tell us about the terrifying death toll from the Chernobyl accident, which happened, 30 years ago.
In 2009 three Russian scientists published studies indicating a million people have been killed by this fallout from this 1986 catastrophe. Working through the Radiation and Health Project, Mangano and Sherman now estimate a similar death toll resulting from the disaster at Fukushima.

They also show that when a nuclear power plant opens, death rates in the area rise; when they shut, death rates go down, especially among children. In the four counties around Indian Point, near New York City, the thyroid cancer rate is 70% higher than normal, a plague we’re now seeing around Fukushima.

These tragic findings demand our action to shut down ALL reactors. We are in debt to Adam, Janette and Joe for their great work, and for their eloquence on this important Solartopian show. 

April 14, 2016  

The URANIUM Film Festival in Los Angeles will feature a number of important full-length movies about atomic power on April 27 at the Raleigh Theater.

We hear all about it from publicist Alexandra Radlovic and from the legendary Kat Kramer, who will be co-hosting (with me) an after-film panel on shutting
the Diablo Canyon nuclear power reactors that will feature Mimi Kennedy, Lou Gosset, Jr., Libbe Halevy and others. Also at the festival will be the deeply moving full-length feature The Last Picture by noted German filmmaker Micael Von Hohenberg who talks to us from Germany about this major anti-nuclear work and all it has to say about the atomic madness.

We’re then joined by Lori Grace, noted election protection organizer and activist from the northern California Sunrise Center.  Lori tells us about webinars, public talks and other important contributions she is making to the desperate attempt to stop the theft of yet another presidential election.  Without this critical work, we are guaranteed to have another stripped and flipped outcome, driving our nation further down into the corporate sinkhole. 

April 7, 2016  

Election theft in SOLARTOPIA is our vital concern as we talk with Bob Koehler, Mimi Kennedy and John Brakey about how the 2016 primaries are being rendered dubious by the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Bob’s recent Commonwonders column calls attention to the 300,000 citizens deprived of their vote in Wisconsin.

Mimi tells us of the struggles in Los Angeles for even a semblance of democracy.

John paints us a beautiful picture of how democracy can work with his narration of an election on an Apache Reservation.

Meanwhile, we confront the realities of a political system dominated by corporate money and the electronic manipulation of our precious right to vote.

If you are concerned about our democracy (or what’s left of it) don’t miss this show.

March 31, 2016  

Can terrorists radiate all of New York by attacking Indian Point?

This devastating question is answered by the great Karl Grossman, lifelong journalist and professor, expert on atomic energy and author of numerous books on the catastrophic issues surrounding atomic energy.

A Long Island resident, Karl gives us a complete excursion through the terrifying possibilities of how the Indian Point reactors could release huge quantities of radiation into the New York City environment, ultimately killing millions of innocent human beings and other living things.

In the wake of terror attacks in Belgium, Karl has authored a major article circulating through the internet on how all the world's reactors are profoundly vulnerable to such assaults.  

Indian Point is also at risk from earthquakes, and is situated at the juncture of two large seismic fault-lines.

The unmistakable message:  SHUT ALL NUKES NOW.  Coming from Karl Grossman, the reasons are obvious and unmistakable.

March 24, 2016  

Strip & Flip Election Theft will keep us from getting to Solartopia. We discuss this with three great experts: Brent Blackwelder and Randy Hayes, both legends of the environmental movement; and Bob Fitrakis, co-author of the upcoming "STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016: FIVE JIM CROWS & ELECTRONIC ELECTION THEFT."

We start with the Arizona primary, where long lines and major irregularities are deja vu for what happened in Ohio 2004, when the presidential election was stolen from John Kerry (who did nothing about it) for George W. Bush. We delve further into the dark realities of electronic voting machines and their primary function as tools to steal elections. We list the likely culprits: Big Money, the corporate parties, and so many more. If you care at all about the future of our democracy, don’t miss this show.

March 17, 2016  


We’re joined by KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear who tells us that Ohio’s Davis-Besse nuke is in dire straits.  The question is:  will the national attention focused on “the sane Republican” make a difference.  Will media scrutiny to the $4 billion bailout FirstEnergy wants for its dying nukes and coal burners prove too big an embarrassment for the Ohioan who would be president?
Then BOB FITRAKIS of gives us the inside scoop on Kasich’s sorry record as a corporate toady.  Despite all the campaign trail hugs, Kasich is always ready to hand billions to his fellow millionaires while dumping on the rest of us.
Finally RICHARD CHARNIN gives us the latest reports on election theft, warning that all those primaries Hillary allegedly won just might not be real.  BERNIE, he says, is doing way better than we think.  
March 10, 2016  

MAJOR DEFECT AT 98 OF 99 US NUKES revealed by 7 US Nuclear Regulatory Commission experts.  The “NRC7” has filed a rare public report warning that the electrical defect threatens the safety of virtually all US nukes.  We talk about it with the great DAVID LOCHBAUM of the Union of Concerned Scientists.  The “regulatory” agency responsible for our safety has ignored this for years.  

We then ask statistician RICHARD CHARNIN whether Bernie Sanders was in fact the rightful winner of the Massachusetts Primary.  We’re joined by BOB FITRAKIS to investigate a key primary which, if Bernie had been given credit for it, would’ve shifted the entire race for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  According to Charnin, the evidence is pretty clear the Bernie was, in fact, the victor, a shocking conclusion that casts doubt on the entire electoral process.

March 3, 2016  
Election madness continues in the aftermath of Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders defies the odds by carrying four states (and almost Massachusetts). Donald Trump blows away the GOP. But what does it all mean? How do we expand a successful cultural revolution into a strategy to beat the corporations that are killing us all?
We're joined in Solartopia to talk about this with David Akadjian a columnist for Daily Kos and author of The Little Book of Revolution. David's approach to social change is, he says, "a way to make the seemingly impossible task of restoring democracy possible."
February 25, 2016  
SHUTTING THE DIABLO CANYON NUKE is essential to the survival of human beings in North America.  We discuss developments at this twin reactor complex sitting on a dozen earthquakes faults with key experts in the fight.
We discuss the criminal negligence by Pacific Gas & Electric that blew up 50 houses in the town of San Bruno and killed 8 people.  Such irresponsible safety abuse is everywhere evident at Diablo Canyon, where radioactive fuel canisters are leaking, critical security features can’t be inspected and major operating components have been installed upside-down.
Thankfully, the BERKELEY CITY COUNCIL has joined the movement for sanity by passing a resolution to shut Diablo Canyon as soon as possible.
This deep exploration with four great activists will tell you much you need to know to push ahead for the shut-down of these truly horrifying nukes.

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