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October 11, 2019  


We talk with superb experts JOHN BRAKEY and STEVE ROSENFELD about the state of the 2020 elections.

Steve & John have been investigating and reporting on the status of electronic and other voting machines in key swing states throughout the country.

The inventory is definitely mixed, as are the prospects for a free and fair election.  The prospects for a fair vote count are also definitely mixed.

To get a grip on what we are now facing in 2020, you’d do well to listen to this powerful and penetrating discussion.

October 4, 2019  


We’re joined by the truly great ALAN MINSKY to explore the work of Progressive Democrats of America in the Age of Impeachment.

Alan has worked at Program Director of KPFK/Pacifica and now is a major national campaigner for a transcendence of the power of the corporations.

We trace American democracy from the Indigenous to Bernie, whose amazing rise to prominence is due in part to Allen’s great work.

A brilliant activist and analyst, Alan dissects the vital conflict between the corporate Democrats and the Sandernistas.

Bound up in that critical conflict is the future of our species.  Nobody explains it better than Alan Minsky. 

September 26, 2019  


Now that Nancy Pelosi has dropped the Impeachment shoe on the mobster-in-chief, we talk with the great Attorney/Political Scientist BOB FITRAKIS about the deep background of Trump’s Ukraine connections.  It’s even worse than you think.

We also visit with KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear on the absolutely astonishing mobster strong-arming being used in Ohio to keep off the ballot a referendum meant to reverse the billion-dollar bailout FirstEnergy wants to scam from Ohio ratepayers.

From fake petitions to anti-Chinese hate ads to assault and battery to outright mass deceit, you will not believe your ears.  It’s Donald Trump on radioactive steroids.  Don’t miss this show. 

September 23, 2019  

Climate strikers NATALIE ROTSTEIN of the Sunrise Movement and MOLLY BASLERof the Green Dream  join us for a spirited talk on Friday’s global climate strike and what it will take to win a green-powered Earth.

The massive walk-out of human beings fighting for survival on a beleaguered planet has become the centerpiece of a desperate attempt to preserve and enhance what’s left of our vital eco-systems.

From Ohio, JOE DEMARR of the Green Partyjoins us with updates on the brutal campaign to repeal the sickening, utterly corrupt HB6, the outrageous attempt by FirstEnergy to bail out its two soon-to-explode atomic reactors along with two obscene coal-burning power plants.

With these great activists we cut to the core of how we must save this earth.  Join us!!

September 13, 2019  


We confront the horrific atomic coup on-going in Ohio with expert/activists PAT MARIDA (Sierra Club), KEVIN KAMPS (Beyond Nuclear) and DONNA GILMORE (SOS). who are in the of thick making the planet green again.

Pat reports from Columbus on the storm trooper tactics being used by pro-nuclear thieves to prevent the gathering of signatures for a certified statewide petition.  The petition is in support of a referendum—certified by the state—to overturn a huge bailout for two nuke reactors (and two coal burners) that are set to explode on Lake Erie.

Kevin tells us that the hugely unpopular theft of ratepayer money perpetrated by the utility’s hired liars (with explicit help from Donald Trump) parallels industry tactics used in New York, New Jersey and Illinois to prop up similar soon-to-explode nukes.   

Donna chimes in with the dire situation in California, where we still can’t get Governor Gavin Newsom to inspect the soon-to-explode atomic reactors at Diablo Canyon.  In time of an earthquake, Diablo would send a radioactive cloud that would utterly destroy Los Angeles, killing millions and bankrupting the state, the nation, the species.

But for now the Ohio battle is all-consuming.  The outcome could actually affect the 2020 presidential election.  This podcast is the alchemical scripture from the dire straits.   Don’t miss it. 

September 6, 2019  

Election protection legends JOHN BRAKEY and STEVE ROSENFELD join us to explore major developments in Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa and around the nation.

On the 2020 ballot in Ohio is almost certain to be a referendum aimed at repealing a $150 million/year bailout for two nuke reactors and two coal burners. 
Signatures are being gathered to help kill the extremely unpopular mega-theft.  The repeal might help attract progressive voters and tip the state.

In North Carolina a court has overturned the legislature’s extremely partisan, racist gerrymandering plan.  It’s unclear how will replace it and how, but it’s a big victory.

In Iowa, Rosenfeld has helped convince the Democratic Party to avoid corruptible electronic/internet-based primary voting methods.  It is a big victory with nationwide ramifications.

For a fact-filled, on-point hour on the state of our election process, don’t miss this show.

August 29, 2019  


Two days before he died, we interviewed BOB FITRAKIS and NICK BRYANT about the horrendous life, awful times and filthy secrets of Jeffrey Epstein.

As you can surmise from this discussion, we were not surprised when he died under predictably mysterious circumstances two days later.

We are here re-running the full-hour interview.  In reviewing the ensuing coverage of Epstein’s death, we have seen nowhere else the investigative detail contained in this deeply disturbing dialogue.

REMEMBER, as revealed here by Bob Fitrakis, that Epstein got his first teaching job from the father of the current attorney general, William Barr.

Be prepared:  this interview is spooky, infuriating and downright terrifying in what it says about the current state of politics in America.

August 23, 2019  

Green Party Presidential hopeful HOWIE HAWKINS joins us to talk with eco-activist MOLLY BASLER about the future of our planet and the NEW GREEN DEAL.

Now that Bernie Sanders is calling for a mega-conversion to a green society, the playing field for saving our planet has been vastly stretched.

In upstate New York, Howie has been a huge force for the shutting atomic power plants and birthing a Solartopian economy.  He has also fought to re-introduce the concepts of democratic socialism to our body politic.

In southern California, Molly has focused powerfully on the need for a vegan diet and a plastic-free consumer economy.

Do not miss this wonderful conversation with these truly great, exceptionally brilliant green activists.

August 15, 2019  
we talk with solar experts and activist  pauk kangis about his revolutionary program to completely solarise California which was destroyed in the recent fires. 
- we also talk with ultlity expert david huges about the attempted bailout of nuclear and Cole power plants in Ohio
these 2 fights are at the cutting edge. don't miss this show, 

August 9, 2019  

JEFFREY EPSTEIN.  It’s much worse than you think

We speak with experts Bob Fitrakis and Nick Bryant about the hideous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 

These brilliant researchers know what’s really at stake here. 

It’s far beyond casual imagining.  Of course Trump is in the middle of it. You may want to shower after hearing this discussion.   And then get more active than ever. 

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