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November 9, 2017  
November 9, 2017  

We’re joined in Solartopia by four great election protection experts:  MIMI KENNEDY, SUSIE SHANNON, JAMES BRAKEY & DOROTHY REIK.

This show, which was taped before the landmark takedown of FASCIST TRUMPISM, lays out the need for the Democratic Party & social democrats to monitor the vote.

More to come!!!

October 27, 2017  

We’re joined in Solartopia by DANE WATERS, remarkable world-class activist and conservationist whose work in preserving elephants ranks among the great human contributions to a better planet.

Waters is based in Florida and has an extensive career in Republican Party involvement, including long-time work with Sen. John McCain.  At the 2016 GOP Convention he pioneered an attempt to allow delegates a certain degree of freedom from Donald Trump, for which he received devastating stream of hate mail and abuse.  Dane’s opinions of Donald Trump are fully expressed in this show, and will be shared by many of our listeners.

The attempt to save the world’s elephants, Dane says, is a litmus test for our species, an opportunity to prove our worthiness to be a sane, caring player in a global eco-system that understands the value of all its organic parts.  From Myanmar and Africa to the zoos and preserves of North America, Dane’s The Elephant Project is a key piece of our right to survive.  Don’t miss this discussion.

October 23, 2017  

We are joined in solartopia by Harvard Ayers and Joel Siegel to discuss the horrible on going disaster in Puerto Rico as well as the fires still raging in Northern California.  These two global warming catastrophes have killed countless Americans and done hundreds of billions of dollars in damages.

Please listen in as we discuss what must be done and how to make sure things like this never happen again

October 13, 2017  

CATASTROPHE IN PUERTO RICO gets worse as our tax payer dollars go everywhere except where needed.  We hear from JOEL SEGAL and HARVARD AYERS about the on-going human and ecological crisis is being badly served by FEMA and other federal agencies, as well as by Donald Trump, whose major contribution has been the pitching of paper towels.

Segal and Ayers have deep connections to the island as well as to the US Congress and give us an essential up-to-date report on the widespread efforts now underway to re-build the island with decentralized renewable resources, including wind power, solar energy and micro-grids.

Briefly at the end of the show we hear from Tara and from Mark on conditions both in San Juan and in Sonoma County, where apocalyptic wild fires are doing unimaginable damage.

Sadly, we will continue this discussion next week, as the horrors unattended by the federal response they deserve continue to kill and destroy. 

October 6, 2017  
DANNY SHEEHAN and SARA NELSON start us off in Solartopia with CIA drug-dealing in Central America.  We focus on the new movie AMERICAN MADE with TOM CRUISE and its astounding depiction of BARRY SEAL, the dare-devil pilot who illegally flew guns to the fascist Contras while returning with large shipments of cocaine.  The whole Iran-Contra adventure reminds us that the US fought in Vietnam to empower heroin dealers in Saigon, and is now propping up poppy growers in Afghanistan.

With MARK SOMMER and PAUL KANGAS, we further discuss SOLARIZING PUERTO RICO & THE VIRGIN ISLANDS.  Mark explains how micro-gridding can work to quickly restore power there.  Sara stays with us to cover COMMUNITY CHOICE AGGREGATION as it’s been organized in California.  Paul adds the story of small, modular solar houses competing in the solar decathlon in Colorado, and suggests the houses can now be shaped to the Caribbean.

This astounding exploration of the drug connection in America’s recent wars is long overdue.  

The powerful connection between renewable energy and the re-vitalization of the Caribbean islands has just been confirmed by ELON MUSK, whose TESLA company is already sending renewable hardware.  

These twin dialogs are once again at the cutting edge of getting to Solartopia.   

September 29, 2017  

We explore the HORRORS OF NUCLEAR WASTE in Solartopia with two of the world’s great experts:  DONNA GILMORE and KEVIN KAMPS.

Based in Orange County, California, Donna is one of California’s best-known and most knowledgeable experts.  She has been central to the successful movement to shut the remaining two reactors at San Onofre.  Donna’s critiques of the insane irresponsibility of the owner utilities at San Onofre in not dealing with their atomic waste are essential to understanding why nuke power has absolutely no place on this planet.

Kevin’s watchdog work for Beyond Nuclear lately focusses on the latest absurd blank check being handed to the reactor industry in the form of the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act HB 3053.  This absolutely corrupt blank check for the completely unchecked mishandling of the world’s deadliest substances must be stopped.  Kevin tells us how.

If you are at all interested in the future of the Earth, and how we might survive this horrendously deadly reactor technology, don’t miss this discussion.

September 22, 2017  


Danny and Sara have been at the heart of the fight against the fossil-nuke industry and the insane Trump assault on our planet.  Working closely with the native American community in the Dakotas and elsewhere, they are critical to the resistance to the lunacy of the petro-attack on our Mother Earth.

They also helped make public the ridiculous realities of the Iran-Contra scandal, including the mass importation of cocaine in the US by American-funded fascist forces in Nicaragua, leading directly to the devastating crack epidemic that decimated so much of the nation in the 1980s.

Sara also has waged a successful, deeply moving campaign against her own cancer, which she is kind enough to explain for us.

Two more powerful and brilliant people do not exist.  Don’t miss this show.

September 18, 2017  

NUKE POWER & NATURAL DISASTERS have become intensely important in the wake of HURRICANES HARVEY & IRMA.

We are joined by radio commentator LIBBE HALEVY and long-time activist/experts PAUL GUNTER & KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear.

The terrifying realities of the hurricanes the swept through Texas and Florida have made it clear there is no way to evacuate from massive radiation releases during a melt-down in the midst of a major storm.

We faced this problem during Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990s and were in grave danger again during these last two giant hurricanes.

And that’s just the least of it…between earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, tornados and more, our rickety, dying reactors are at greater risk than ever.

If you are at all concerned with the fate of the Earth, don’t miss this extremely crucial, uniquely-informed discussion with three truly extraordinary experts.

September 8, 2017  


Among our most effective and dedicated life-long activists, Danny & Sara of the ROMERO INSTITUTE have been at the heart of critical fights such as the Karen Silkwood Case, the Iran-Contra scandal and now the tribal sovereignty struggle for more than four decades.

In this riveting interview they outline the basics of America’s most critical current energy war as the King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) elite tries to ram this insane flow of global warming petro-poison through the heart of the nation and into the global market for the private profit of a tiny fascist cabal.

Uniquely articulate and compelling, what they have to say affects us all, and should not be missed.


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