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February 3, 2017  

KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear and TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service chime in on the collapse of Westinghouse, the overages in nuclear construction around the world, the appointment of an non-regulatory new chair for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the procession of state bailouts, and much more.

As we approach a green-powered Earth, we pray no more of these obsolete, obscene nukes will explode, and that the transition to renewables will proceed as fast as possible.  

January 27, 2017  

We’re joined in Solartopia by worldwide wind guru PAUL GIPE and carbon tax pioneer CHARLES KOMANOFF.

The godfather of community-based wind, Gipe’s groundbreaking new WIND POWER FOR THE REST OF US writes the bottom line on the future of a technology now powering more and more of the planet.  Cheap, safe, abundant, clean and quick to build, wind power already employs more than 100,000 Americans.  Despite hostility from Trump, the Kochs and King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) wind energy as described by Gipe is one of the world’s great growth industries.

Meanwhile Komanoff continues his work as one of the nation’s great advocates of the carbon tax.  A legendary pioneer of the urban bicycle movement, Charlie’s brilliant overview of the world energy crisis is unique and powerful.

Don’t miss the dialogue with these two great green gurus.

January 20, 2017  

PEACE, NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT & THE SOLARTOPIAN REVOLUTION are with us through Paul Martin of Peace-Action and solar activist Paul Kangas from California.

PAUL MARTIN carries us through the history of his organization, which began with the legendary SANE campaigns against nuclear weapons.  Paul explains that the $1 trillion “upgrade” Barack Obama laid out for our nuclear arsenal is in fact insane, and that we need to radically slash the number of atomic weapons in the world, as well as the money we spend on them.
PAUL KANGAS reports on the astounding progress of renewable energy based on his recent trips in Russia, China and Japan.  In particular we hear about the energiewende transition to 100% renewables in Germany and feed-in tariffs in California that are sparking a massive change-over to green power in the nation’s biggest state.
January 13, 2017  

THE DONALD TRUMP SHOW has now moved to prime time as The Donald turns his first press conference into a hilarious un-reality show of abject absurdity and terror.

Co-author BOB FITRAKIS join filmmakers JiM HEDDLE & MARY-BETH BRANGAN to review the data on why this is the product of yet another stolen election that had nothing to do with the Russians.

We’re then joined by the great investigative journalist KARL GROSSMAN to tell us about the SHUT-DOWN OF INDIAN POINT and other nuclear/Solartopian realities we can expect with The Donald.

January 6, 2017  

FASCIST TAKOVER in DC and how do we deal with it?

We start with LILA GARRETT, famed host of the long-standing CONNECT THE DOTS program on Pacifica’s KPFK in Los Angeles.

We then turn to the legendary investigative reporter and filmmaker GREG PALAST, who’s joined by my co-conspirator BOB FITRAKIS to talk about election theft and how we can retrieve the democracy that has been so thoroughly destroyed.

December 29, 2016  

JILL STEIN of the Green Party presidential and recount campaigns joins HARVEYW and BOB FITRAKIS to talk about how the 2016 election was stolen and what to do about it. Don't miss this exclusive discussion.

We're then joined by election protection activist LORI GRACE to plot a new future in the coming age.

This is an hour to remember through the challenging times to come.

December 22, 2016  

Today we celebrate VICTORY AT STANDING ROCK with California-based activist and chi gong teacher VIVIENNE VERDON-ROE.  Vivienne has written a beautiful essay on the ceremonies surrounding the Standing Rock struggle in her hometown of Bolinas, and has circulated a new bumper sticker that says “Life is Fragile, Love is the Glue.”  Coming into her fabled town in another sign:  “We Still Have Each Other”.

We then revisit this year’s stolen election, with ELECTION PROTECTION activist LORI GRACE, my co-author and political scientist BOB FITRAKIS, and STEVE ROSENFELD of Alternet.  As we continue to sift through the debris of what’s left of American democracy, we look to new solutions for a badly broken system.  

December 16, 2016  

HarveyW, Bob Fitrakis & Steve Rosenfeld talk about the last gasps of American democracy.

December 8, 2016  

 We re-visit the nightmare that has become THE GREAT AMERICAN NON-RECOUNT.

In an election where the “loser” won by 2.6 million votes and the “winner” thinks he was robbed of 3 million, the bloviating Democrats and corporate media mavens have united AGAINST a recount.

 Meanwhile it’s been left to Jill Stein and the Greens to try to get one done in a vote count obviously saturated with theft, fraud and utter hypocrisy.

 So we are once again joined by Green attorney ROBERT FITRAKIS, filmmaker "(the Best Democracy Money Can Buy”) and investigative reporter GREG PALAST and by Alternet election correspondent STEVE ROSENFELD, to sort through the Gorey details.

If you care about what’s left of our democracy, don’t miss this show….but you might want to drink some nerve-claiming herbal tea as you do….

December 2, 2016  


The world’s most critical story is the attempt by Jill Stein and her Green supporters to recount the ballots in Michigan, Wisconsin and possibly Pennsylvania.  In an election whose popular vote was won by Hillary Clinton by one of the largest margins in history (now approaching 3,000,000 votes) narrow “victories” in key swing states are poised to put a neo-fascist into the White House.
But as ALTERNET reporter STEVE ROSENFELD and election protection Attorney ROBERT FITRAKIS explain in devastating detail, statistically impossible discrepancies between exit polls and “official” outcomes clearly indicate yet another stolen election.
Stein and the Greens have raised more than $7 million in small donations to fund recounts.  But the Democratic Party has done nothing to help, and the Trump Campaign is now suing to stop them from happening.
If you want to know what’s really happening with this most crucial recount, don’t miss this show.
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