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October 21, 2016  

THE HORRIFIC 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is our topic as we try to recuperate from another (and thankfully final) presidential debate.  We discuss our latest findings on how this and so many other elections are being rigged, though not as Donald Trump says they are.

We are also joined by STEVE MILLER whose association with the blockbuster expose GUARDIANSHIP gives us some devastating tragic stories.  In Nevada and throughout the US, unscrupulous lawyers are grasping the estates of people who have worked hard all their lives, but are now being impoverished.

Don’t miss this horrific expose.

And lets hope this terrible election ends soon!!!!

October 14, 2016  

ELECTION PROTECTION is our concern again as we’re joined by GREG PALAST, BOB FITRAKIS and JOHN BRAKEY.

Greg’s new film THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY is now playing to packed houses around the country.  He confronts the “billionaire & ballot thieves” in ways not imagined at film school.

BOB FITRAKIS has just been tapped for major recognition by Project Censored for his STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2015: FIVE JIM CROWS & ELECTRONIC ELECTION THEFT (co-authored with Solartopia host HarveyW).

JOHN BRAKEY is doing unique and powerful work trying to preserve ballot integrity in Arizona and everywhere elections are being stolen.

This deep, fast and nuanced discussion of the death of our democracy shows us how Solartopia needs to be won one vote at a time—on paper ballots, with universal automatic voter registration and much more.  

If you care at all about democracy, jump into this fascinating discussion...

October 7, 2016  
The death toll around DIABLO CANYON and the critical lawsuit to shut it down come to Solartopia with DR. JERRY BROWN and RINALDO BRUTOCO from the Santa Barbara-based WORLD BUSINESS ACADEMY.
Rinaldo and Jerry have spearheaded the Academy’s landmark legal battle to force the California State Lands Commission (SLC) to require Pacific Gas & Electric to submit the giant reactors at Diablo Canyon to an Environmental Impact Review.  The Review is mandated under the California Environmental Quality Act, signed in 1970 by then-Governor Ronald Reagan.  The reactors were recently given a free pass by the SLC on lease renewals that it needs to stay open until 2025, but without the EIRs required by law.  The Academy lawsuit is being heard in the Superior Court in Los Angeles and may eventually end up before the California Supreme Court.  
The Academy has also sponsored a peer-reviewed study by Dr. Chris Busby, which found high infant death rates attributed directly to routine radiation releases from Diablo Canyon.
Operating since the 1980s, the Academy is also a part of the state-wide push for a full conversion to renewable energy.  Brown and Brutoco are powerful, brilliant experts with two lifetimes of unique success in business and activism.  Don’t miss this show.  
 For a good time, see Pete Seeger, Dar Williams, David Bernz & the Rivertown Kidz  sing "SOLARTOPIA!" at
September 30, 2016  

 Long-Time activist, educator and author BILL AYERS joins us in Solartopia to talk about his new book DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE: A RADICAL MANIFESTO and much else about our current American miasma.
> Bill has spent a lifetime working to make education available and democratic for the mainstream American public.  Meaningful learning is “a right, not a product,” he says.  He makes clear that treating education as a business guarantees that the privileged few will prosper at the expense of the many.
> Bill also discusses his opinions on voting for the Green Party in a non-swing state, and on how to make long-term  social change in a nation that’s on the brink of collapse.   We barely scratch the surface of Bill’s amazingly interesting and productive life.  But what we cover in this jam-packed hour is worth every minute.  

September 27, 2016  

ELECTION THEFT is once again our topic as we’re joined by BOB FITRAKIS, JON SIMON and presidential candidate ROCKY DE LA FUENTE.

Rocky is on the ballot in more than 20 states and has been waging a powerful campaign for the presidency which has been completely ignored by the corporate mainstream media.  He brings us fascinating tales of attempting to bring democracy to a rigged process.

Prof. Bob Fitrakis brings his unique expertise as an attorney and election monitor for decades.  Together Bob and Harvey have co-authored six books on “strip & flip” election theft, including the most recent STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016.

Jon Simon’s CODE RED is one of the leading books on our electoral process.

This lively and unique discussion is essential for anyone struggling to understand the utter corruption of our electoral process.  

September 16, 2016  

100-SOLAR-PANEL HOUSES & the TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILROAD are brought to us by PAUL KANGAS, a leading northern California activist pushing hard for a Solartopian solution to our global eco-crisis.  

Paul has been organizing throughout California to convert the state’s energy system to a green-powered basis, with a special focus on polarizing individual homes to the point that they con produced four times as much energy as they use.  Paul has travelled throughout Germany and the rest of the world studying conversion models.  He tells us how California can become totally green soon enough to save us all.

Paul has taken his research to Russia, China and Mongolia, from which he just returned following a month-long journey along the trans-Siberian railroad.  His stories are absolutely fascinating.  Don’ miss hearing this brilliant guy on this amazing show.

September 9, 2016  

The CRISIS AT PACIFICA is at the breaking point.  The network of five crucial radio stations in New York, DC, Houston, Los Angeles and Berkeley is on the brink of bankruptcy.  Always full of faction, the stations are now close to collapse.

We are joined by STEVE BROWN, JAN GOODMAN, MYLA RESON and GARY NULL to discuss the depth of the stations' problems and if, how and why the network can be saved.

September 2, 2016  

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR is the message from DAVID SWANSON, author, activist and Nobel Prize nominee.  David’s many books, campaigns and an upcoming conference underscore his conviction that war can (and must) be eliminated from the behavior of our nations.

David speaks regularly throughout the world on issues of non-violence and conflict resolution without organized warfare.  He warns that both major presidential candidates this year are deeply involved with the war-for-profit mentality.  We discuss along those lines the current addiction to war that is dragging down the American nation.  The annual US expenditure of more than $1,000,000,000,000,000 could easily solve the world’s problems with hunger, injustice and ecological devastation.  But our Puritan-corporate establishment has become too deeply tied to a state of permanent war without which the country can’t seem to exist.

In this show we discuss David’s upcoming conference on war in Washington DC.  David also talks in fascinating detail about the necessary conversion to toal non=-violence, touching in passing on how a non-violent campaign might have dealt with Hitler’s Nazis.

David is a brilliant, uniquely challenging guest.  If you are at all interested in a world without war, don’t miss this discussion. 

August 26, 2016  

THE INSANE NY NUKE BAILOUT headlines in Solartopia today as TIM JUDSON of the NUCLEAR INFORMATION & RESOURCE SERVICE joins MANNA JO GREENE of CLEARWATER and KEVIN KAMPS of BEYOND NUCLEAR to discuss the $7-11 billion potential handout to keep four dangerously decrepit nuke reactors on line in the Empire State.

Because they are obsolete and uncompetitive, the Ginna, Fitzpatrick, Nine Mile One and Nine Mile Two reactors have been headed for shut-down.  The cannot compete with renewables, worsen climate chaos and threaten the entire northeast with radioactive catastrophe.

In fact, their owners have been angling to shut them down for years.  But Gov. Andrew Cuomo has now strongarmed the New York Public Utilities Commission to take up to $11 billion in public money to prolong the operation of these dying nukes.

If it goes through, the proposal would cost jobs, heat the planet and threaten millions with radioactive death and destruction.  Yet without a public vote, Cuomo has decided to risk New York’s future on this dead technology.

Tim, Manna Jo and Kevin run us through the essential basics, and tell us how we can and must unite to stop this.  Don’t miss this vital strategy session.  

August 12, 2016  

 The Republican, the Democrat and the Green.

Bob heads the “Federal Elections Commission” for the Green Party and spoke at all three conventions on the need to prevent our elections from once again being stolen.  

As co-author of seven books on election theft, Bob makes it clear that Bernie Sanders was the rightful winner of the Democratic nomination.  Co-author (with me) of THE STRIP & FLIP SELECTION OF 2016:  FIVE JIM CROWS & ELECTRONIC ELECTION THEFT, Bob has a Ph.D. in political science and is a member of the Ohio Bar.  As a full professor at Columbus State Community College, Bob is known worldwide for his writings and research.

Together we will co-author a new piece on this year’s primaries.  Meanwhile, be sure to listen to the hard realities of how bad our electoral system really is.  

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