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June 5, 2020  


The nitty-gritty details of the violent battalion that took Trump from his White House bunker to a local church are revealed by Mark Karlin, Editor/Publisher of  
Trump’s goose-steps for his now-infamous Bible photo op were marched through with armed thugs in government uniform without accountability.  They illegally trashed a peaceful demonstration along the way.
Yet the White House refuses to reveal their identity.
The presence of an armed battalion accountable only to a dictatorial leader is a terrifying development, unique in US history.  
Also unique is the critical importance of the upcoming election.  We are joined by JENNIFER ROBERTS, JOEL SEGAL, COLLETTE ALSTON and BOB PHIILIPS of North Carolina.
The stakes in swing state NC could not be great, and each of these powerful guests tells us more about how the election might go there, and what is needed to protect it.
As a template for how we save our democracy nationwide, this discussion could not be more critical.  
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