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January 24, 2020  

We’re joined in Solartopia by ALAN MINSKY of Progressive Democrats of America and BOB FITRAKIS of to talk politics and sports.

Hillary Clinton’s latest attacks on Bernie Sanders (“Nobody likes him”) revive the split within the Democratic Party between the corporatists and the social democrats.
Bernie’s poll numbers continue to show unshakable support for an agenda that includes economic rights and social justice for the vast American working/middle class. 
He also represents the unlikely ascendence of the 1960s New Left to a position where one of us could actually become president. 
We inevitably deal with issues of election theft and Russian involvement, which has finally prompted the corporate media to deal with the reality that our elections are being stolen.
We finish with the Olympic Committee’s insane ban on political protest (lotsa luck with that one) and the all-important question of who will win this year’s Super Bowl.

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