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April 17, 2020  


Trump is purposely spreading the Pandemic for reasons of his own says MARK KARLIN, editor/publisher of the popular website
Karlin estimates at least 80-90% of the TrumpVirus deaths could have been avoided.
Those deaths are especially critical at atomic power reactors, where the workforce is being decimated.  
With fewer & fewer skilled workers, the industry is forcing staff to work 15 hour shifts, 85 hour weeks while they come down with illness.  
As ERIC EPSTEIN, TIM JUDSON & KEVIN KAMPS warn, this is a recipe for catastrophe.
An item of very good news—the shutdown of NY’s Indian Point #2—comes admits a terrifying time when atomic energy has become more dangerous than ever.
The crisis is being nowhere covered in the major media….except here.  Let’s hope another TMI/Chernobyl/Fukushima is not in the making...
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