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November 19, 2015  

We hear about the ASSAULT ON SOLAR POWER in North Carolina with JIM WARREN of the great non-profit NCWARN.  Working with an African-American church in Greensboro, NCWarn has installed a 5kw rooftop solar system.  It provides electricity to the church at half the cost of the juice being sold by Duke Power, the monopoly utility.  But Duke has now sued NCWarn for alleged violation of a state law that Duke claims outlaws the ability of anyone else in the state to sell electricity.  This astounding lawsuit involves an alleged penalty of up to $100,00/day, with a current alleged balance of $200,000.  This is all part of the Koch Brothers’ assault solar energy.  Listen to this report and feel your blood boil.

We then hear from KEVIN KAMPS of BEYOND NUCLEAR about the massive nuke waste dump Canada wants to build on the shores of the world’s greatest reserve of fresh water.  The sheer idiocy of this proposal defies description.  But people are fighting it.  And with a new administration taking power in Canada, maybe we can stop it.  Listen in to find out how….

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