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August 12, 2015  

To hear about SHUTTING NUKE POWER especially in New England we are joined by three great activists:  SHEILA PARKS, DIANE TURCO and DEB KATZ.

All three have been fighting for years to close some of the world’s worst reactors.
Deb is a founder of the CITIZENS’ AWARENESS NETWORK which has been at the core of the successful movement to shut Vermont Yankee.  As she points out, New England activists have won major victories not only at VY, but at Maine Yankee, Connecticut Yankee, Yankee Rowe, Seabrook 2, Millstone 1 and more.
Diane is hard at work shutting the Pilgrim reactor, south of Boston, where devastating health issues have arisen.  Boston-based public health researcher RICHARD CLAPP was among the first to prove a clear connection between reactor radiation releases and rising cancer rates.
Sheila has continued to work on the moral and ethical questions around nuclear power, the TPP and healthy food.  Her work in the Boston area includes organizing a speech in Waltham Friday, August 14 ( )
.  See you there…and in a Solartopia New England!
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