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March 31, 2016  

Can terrorists radiate all of New York by attacking Indian Point?

This devastating question is answered by the great Karl Grossman, lifelong journalist and professor, expert on atomic energy and author of numerous books on the catastrophic issues surrounding atomic energy.

A Long Island resident, Karl gives us a complete excursion through the terrifying possibilities of how the Indian Point reactors could release huge quantities of radiation into the New York City environment, ultimately killing millions of innocent human beings and other living things.

In the wake of terror attacks in Belgium, Karl has authored a major article circulating through the internet on how all the world's reactors are profoundly vulnerable to such assaults.  

Indian Point is also at risk from earthquakes, and is situated at the juncture of two large seismic fault-lines.

The unmistakable message:  SHUT ALL NUKES NOW.  Coming from Karl Grossman, the reasons are obvious and unmistakable.

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