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January 22, 2021  
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This weekly Grassroots Election Protection Zoom (#36) is made joyful by major victories that have moved the nation.

In Michigan, JAN BENDOR reports on an extremely powerful anti-gerrymandering amendment that establishes a multi-partisan commission to draw up redistricting lines. 

This complex, democracy-based system will bring competitive Congressional and legislative races to a state previously defined by corruption and theft.

We also talk with RAY MCCLENDON about the “Georgia Miracle”—the fantastic grassroots campaign that unseated two incumbent US Senators and shifted the balance of power in  Washington.

Ray details how the Atlanta NAACP served as the epicenter of an on-the-ground movement that drove an unprecedented turnout of voters of youth and color.

Ray’s outline should serve as a template for future pro-democracy campaigning throughout the US, for years to come.

Then we hear from HOWIE HAWKINS and JULIE WEINER about yet another major victory in New York, where election commissioners have postponed a decision on new voting machines.

The machines are angrily opposed by democracy advocates, but corporate lobbying made their certification seem certain.

Grassroots opposition intervened, however, and a decision won’t be made for two more weeks. 

We end by initiating what will be an on-going dialog about proposed federal legislation (HR-1) that could democratize even more of our nation’s electoral process.

 So there is MUCH MORE TO COME….

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