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November 25, 2020  


In the midst of this historic call, we get two major pieces of news:  Trump has released funds for the Biden transition, and Sen. Diane Feinstein will step down from the minority chair of Senate Judiciary Committee.  

The fate of the US Senate now turns on two high-profile races in Georgia.  Getting out the vote along with protecting the vote count are at the core of the American future.
We cover this hallowed ground in our GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION ZOOM #28.
We begin with the great ANDREA MILLER, whose People Demanding Action is leading the grassroots Get-Out-The-Vote movement on the ground in Georgia.
We’re joined by Ray McClelland, political director of the Atlanta NAACP.
DANIEL SHEEHAN of the Dakota Pipeline Resistance and the Indigenous movement for voter rights checks in.
As does HEDY TRIPP, who informs us of movements among the Muslim and South Asian communities to protect and count the vote.
With the usual crew of genius Election Protection activists, we cover the hallowed ground of the movement that gave us hand-marked/counted paper ballots.
There is no doubt  this way of voting protected the swing state recounts, and changed the outcome of this election.  Can we do it again in 2024?
November 20, 2020  


In our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition Zoom #27 we go all-out to explore the realities of the upcoming special elections in Georgia that will choose two US Senators and a member of the state’s Public Service Commission.

These two Senate seats will decide who will control the Congressional Upper Chamber.  Both are run-offs.  And both bring with them extremely complex challenges for election protection activists.

We are joined by legendary civil rights activists REVEREND GERALD DURLEY and REVEREND LEO WOODBURY.  We are also joined the Atlanta NAACP’s Political Director RAY MCCLENDON, as well as ALAN MINSKY, Political Director of Progressive Democrats of America.

We run the gamut in this gathering of Georgia’s voter registration, vote by mail, ballot counting and other issues.  The January 6 process will be controlled by the election boards of Georgia’s 159 counties.  About 19 of them contain some 77% of the African-American voters in Georgia, a population that accounts for about 30% of the state’s overall electorate.

Overall Georgia 2021 will become a generic test case for the ability of an informed citizenry to conduct a truly free, fair and accurate accounting of the will of a state’s population.  We will continue with this in-depth exploration right up to the day it happens.

November 12, 2020  


This live Zoom with 100+ activists lays out the program for four years of campaigning to win a viable electoral system.

We evaluate what has happened in 2020 and bemuse ourselves over the Republicans demanding the plumb a “stolen” election as we’ve been doing at least since Florida 2000.

Can we emerge with a truly representative democracy?  Can we rid ourselves of gerrymandering?  the Electoral College?  Push & Pray voting?

We take a first look at the dozens of reforms that need to be made.

We also look at what happened (and is STILL happening) in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Arizona and more. 

This is the beginning of a hard-core grassroots campaign to see if democracy can really be made to work.  Don’t miss it!!

November 5, 2020  

Today we podcast in real time our 25th Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom.

We’ve convened the nation’s leading EP experts since the spring to prepare for the madness of November 3.

Did it prepare us?  Is it over?

We explore all that has happened and where we’re really at with a presidential outcome still in doubt. 

Who could believe it?  and, more importantly…. 


Join us to find out….and to have your own say…


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