Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

April 30, 2020  


We are joined by BUZZFLASH.COM editor/publisher MARK KARLIN who explains how Trump is sacrificing the lives of workers in the meat-packing industry.  
Trump’s abuse of emergency power, says Karlin, feeds packing-house billionaires while forcing workers to be exposed to the Trump Virus without chance for unemployment insurance.
JOEL SEGAL and PROFESSOR MARK JACOBSON then join us to dissect Michael Moore’s horrendous assault on green power.
Moore is Executive Producer of PLANET OF THE HUMANS, a grotesquely inaccurate hit job on wind and solar power.
Joel Segal worked directly with Michael for many years.  Stanford Prof. Jacobson is one of the world’s top experts on renewable energy.
You won’t hear a better dissection of this utterly absurd diatribe anywhere.  
April 23, 2020  


We start this Earth Week visit with Green Dream / Solartopian activists ANDREA LEON-GROSSMAN and MOLLY BASLER. 
Molly is the Goddess-Mother of Los Angeles's Green Dream campaign to rid the planet of plastics, chemical agriculture, meat eating and all other forms of species-killing pollution.
Andrea of works to stop fracking in California & elsewhere.  
We confront the insane reality that despite oil/gas now having negative value, Trump corporations are continuing to drill and demanding hugs sums of taxpayer money while regular Americans die, starve and go bankrupt.
We’re then joined by legendary writer/activists JOEL SEGAL, BOB FITRAKIS & STEVE ROSENFELD.  
Joel is a lead convenor of the national COVID 19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE COALITION.  Bob and Steve are covering election theft around the U S and in Ohio.  
What they have to tell us about the state of our nation and upcoming elections will shock and dismay you….and hopefully prompt you to take immediate action.
Between the destruction of our planet and of our democracy, the future of the human species has never been more endangered.  Join us to find out some key reasons why.
April 17, 2020  


Trump is purposely spreading the Pandemic for reasons of his own says MARK KARLIN, editor/publisher of the popular website
Karlin estimates at least 80-90% of the TrumpVirus deaths could have been avoided.
Those deaths are especially critical at atomic power reactors, where the workforce is being decimated.  
With fewer & fewer skilled workers, the industry is forcing staff to work 15 hour shifts, 85 hour weeks while they come down with illness.  
As ERIC EPSTEIN, TIM JUDSON & KEVIN KAMPS warn, this is a recipe for catastrophe.
An item of very good news—the shutdown of NY’s Indian Point #2—comes admits a terrifying time when atomic energy has become more dangerous than ever.
The crisis is being nowhere covered in the major media….except here.  Let’s hope another TMI/Chernobyl/Fukushima is not in the making...
April 3, 2020  


The world’s atomic power reactors—our future Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushimas—depend on an ever-shrinking work force. 

That rare crew of skilled technicians is now threatened by the Coronavirus Pandemic, which in turn threatens the future of our entire species.

We are joined by top experts MAGGIE GUNDERSEN and ARNIE GUNDERSEN of Fairewinds along with PAUL GUNTER of Beyond Nuclear.

These uniquely informed experts take us on a terrifying tour of a corrupt, decayed industry now being decimated by COVID.

Because students have long since ceased entering the industry, the skilled laborers operating, refueling and repairing these nukes is aging and retiring.

COVID is further decimating their ranks.  Given the small size of control rooms, and the realities of making repairs, social distancing is not possible.

The operators “jumpers” and “sponges” are wearing out.

Be sure to be sitting down when you listen to this terrifying and apocalyptic discussion. 



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