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May 20, 2019  

Election protection experts JOHN BRAKEY, SUSAN PYNCHON & STEVE ROSENFELD get us up to speed on America’s biggest question of all:  How will we stop Donald Trump from stealing the 2020 Election?

John reports from North Carolina and disturbing developments there.  NC is among the dozen-plus he’s visited in pursuing the realities of our election apparatus.

Susan calls in from Florida, where new evidence has surfaced of Russian hacking of voter data bases and other essential elements of our election procedures.

Steve continues to report on developments nationwide.

Overall, for anyone concerned about how the vote might go next November, this is an essential update. 

May 10, 2019  


Today we celebrate the final shut-down of Three Mile Island Unit One and the coming shut-down of Pilgrim, leading to 96 remaining US reactors in operation.

But the fight to shut them all continues.

We speak with LIBBE HALEVY, who was present in central Pennsylvania during the 1979 melt-down/explosion at TMI.  Libbe hosts her Nuclear Hotseat show from Los Angeles, and is author of YES I GLOW IN THE DARK.

TIM JUDSON comes to us from the Nuclear Information & Resource Service with grassroots information on the campaign and lawsuits against Andrew Cuomo’s bailouts for four dying reactors in NY State.

KEVIN KAMPS joins us from Beyond Nuclear with his extensive understanding of the structural realities of the Perry and Davis-Besse nukes which are rapidly falling apart, but which are targeted for a massive bailout.

Together Kevin, Tim and Libbe give us a great overview of the most critical issue in America today—the continued operation of the increasingly dangerous and destructive atomic reactors that plague us all.

These three great expert/activists give us a foundation that’s not to be missed. 


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