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April 26, 2019  


We’re joined by best-selling author KATE BROWN and world-renown nuke expert/engineer ARNIE GUNDERSEN to discuss reactor disasters, past, present and future.

Kate’s best-selling MANUAL FOR SURVIVAL: A CHERNOBYL GUIDE TO THE FUTURE dissects the Ukraine catastrophe in all its terrifying, murderous, eco-apocalyptic horror.  

A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kate has studied Chernobyl and its fallout for years, producing a massive and profound narrative that must not be ignored.

Arnie continues to explain Fukushima in real time, dissecting the on-going catastrophe to the global media as no one else can.

Arnie lays out in certain terms the harsh realities now facing the people of Japan, and those living around the Pacific Rim, as radiation continues to pour through the afflicted site.

My own data as one of the very few reporters to go to central Pennsylvania in the year after the TMI accident help tie together the world’s three worst (so far) reactor disasters.

We must now do all we can to make sure there are no more.  Hopefully this show will help us better understand why. 

April 19, 2019  


The redacted Mueller Report has become a huge explosion in TrumpWorld.  And the Pine Ridge Reservation is drowning.

As DANNY SHEEHAN and SARA NELSON of the Romero Institute report, the federal government is refusing to help the people of Pine Ridge to recover from the massive flooding that is destroying their lives and homes.  

Aid requires a declaration of emergency from Trump, which he will not do.  The catastrophe is reminiscent of Puerto Rico, where he threw paper towels at survivors who still require far more than is being offered.

As for the Mueller Report, Danny was deeply involved in much of Watergate and his and Sara’s insights are priceless.  

Don’t miss this show as we watch what we can only hope will be the rapid unraveling of this dictatorial regime.

April 5, 2019  


Of course the Trump GOP is already working to steal the 2020 election.

The counter attack is coming from dedicated election protection activists carrying the fight to the courts, the legislatures, the grassroots.

So JOHN BRAKEY, STEVE ROSENFELD and BOB FITRAKIS join us in a no frills, cut-to-the-core discussion of how the ballots in 2020 must be cast and counted.

The scenario centers on hand-marked computer-generated paper ballots that are then inserted back into the machine and scanned into ballot images, with the original paper ballots preserved on the other end.

Ironically, Florida may now go wholly to such a system, while it spreads elsewhere around this country.

If you're interested in protecting democracy in 2020, don’t miss this discussion. 


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