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November 9, 2018  
The immense power of the Blue/Rainbow Wave still unfolds as we surf its historic impact with four great experts.  
Above all, we have thrown a big speed bump in front of the Trump fascist coup.
From the Florida recounts to the “WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED” refusal of Stacy Abrams to concede the Georgia governor’s election, we take unique on-the-ground looks at these extremely crucial elections.  
STEVE ROSENFELD, JOHN BRAKEY and  CLIFFORD J. TASNER will report from the field in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, California and around the country.  The news is no less than amazing.  
This cutting edge commentary covers the most important election of our lifetime…which is FAR from over.  

We finally talk with DC attorney Andrew Kreig, who tells us about the Mueller Investigation and the MASSIVE impact it could have on Trump.  With hundreds of connections to both the American and Russian mobs, the anticipation of this thoroughly documented piece of investigation could permanently change the political landscape.
Don’t miss this show.  
November 2, 2018  


In our last show before the most important mid-term election in history, our panel of experts goes right to the core:  WILL TRUMP STEAL IT?

MIMI KENNEDY, JOEL SEGAL, SUSIE SHANNON and JOHN BRAKEY join me to get the very heart of the issue:  can the grassroots movement protect what’s left of our democracy and save the nation and world from outright dictatorship.

If you care about human survival, don’t miss this show.