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August 31, 2018  


> We’re joined in Solartopia by the great activists LINDA SEELEY, KEVIN KAMPS and DONNA GILMORE to discuss the shutdowns of more and more reactors with the on-going crisis in decommissioning, waste management and the waste heat that is a major cause of global warming.

> All atomic reactors are (barely) contained Hiroshimas, with 400 of them scorching the planet 24/7 worldwide.  By converting relatively inert uranium into steady-stream fission explosions, atomic energy becomes a prime source of frying our planet.  Arguments that nukes help with global warming are therefore—literally—insane.

> Likewise radioactive waste, which is being stored throughout the US in substandard tin cans prone to cracking, possibly leading to nuke explosions.

> As reactors like Oyster Creek (NJ), Pilgrim (MA) and Palisades (MI) streak toward shut-down, these three world class experts warn us of the nightmares we must expect.

August 24, 2018  

TRUMP IS WHOLLY OWNED BY PUTIN & THE RUSSIAN MOB.  So says the legendary CRAIG UNGER, whose best-selling HOUSE OF TRUMP HOUSE OF PUTIN exposes the White House occupant’s long and deep ties to organized crime.

Thirty years ago, when he was $4 billion in debt and 6 times bankrupt, The Donald turned to the only ones who’d fund him:  the Russian oligarchs, newly enriched by feeding on the corpse of the fallen Soviet Union.  He became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin’s new kleptocracy.

Turning Trump Tower into a dormitory and nerve center for Russia’s new “made men,” Trump did some 1300 condo transactions mostly in cash, to dummy corporations.

Now he does whatever Putin tells him to do because Putin OWNS him.  The term collusion does not fully describe the situation.

There is much much more.  

We’ve been attacked three times, says Unger.  "At Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and now.  After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we did not lose control of the White House."

August 17, 2018  
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 must be saved from the brutal uncaring neglect perpetrated by the Trump fascists. 

Powerful new legislation would solarize the island and bring a new Marshall Plan to restore the decent housing, schools and infrastructure the people so rightfully deserve. 

We’re honored by legendary activists Joel Segal, Yesenia Perez and Guillermo Nicacio who lay out in critical detail how we can restore justice and sanity to this beloved community. 

August 10, 2018  

Puerto Rico fights back

We are joined in solartopia by the great Yesenia Perez to discuss the terrible trials and massive resistance in Puerto Rico. 

Yesenia is a great activist currently based in North Carolina. She tells us of the criminal neglect perpetrated by the trump junta against the american citizens in her native island. 

The solarization that now powers san Juan’s children’s hospital must be spread across the entire island. So too rebuilt housing and reconstructed infrastructure, along with decent medical care and education.   The repeal of the jones act also must happen. 

Trump has done to Puerto Rico what bush did to New Orleans says Yesenia. It must be changed

August 3, 2018  


We’re joined in Solartopia by NORM STOCKWELL and BILL LEUDERS, erstwhile editors of The PROGRESSIVE MAGAZINE and website.
Based in Madison. these two insightful stalwarts fill us in on the key developments in critical Wisconsin, ranging from the truly awful Gov. Scott Walker to the prospects for a progressive replacement for the equally awful Paul Ryan.
Norm and Bill have tracked our political realities through a publication formed in 1909 by the great activist Governor/Senator/Presidential candidate and party founder Robert M. LaFollette.  
Their work has never varied in its commitment to the common good and the brilliance of their insights.
And their ideas and ideals continue to feed our optimism and hope.  Don’t miss this upbeat, astute performance.


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